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Memoryscape / Thoughtscape / Healing By Nootropics

I get it now? An epiphany coursed through me yesterday as I noted "a social setting"..... .

This place is both a literal memoryscape and thoughtscape...... . It is a manifestation of my own private memories and thoughts (*blushes red*)..... . That explains why and how, whenever I travel from this realm, I see and meet those present within the media...of this place. That too explains why so many of my recent dimension diving experiences have been *showing* *up* *here*......*on* *television*. That also explains how I can indisputably control the environment......on a whim. This place is my literal....mind.....(!!!!).... . It is here, that I can interact with and observe....my own memories (!!!!)..... . Memories of worlds, memories of people, spanning countless millennia........ .

Hmmmm. I understand.... . Should I hold blasting this realm for now, and try to level it up? I am not about revenge / vengeance. I am not about grudges...... . I am not a warrior. I am not a soldier. I do not like fighting. I do not want to be number one. Truth, justice, and the pursuit of knowledge.....are my interests. I am a researcher, an explorer / adventurer who seeks the truth. If I level up this place and it's infrastructure, the truth would be revealed.......?

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