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Nootropics Are A Necessity / Egotism Kills

"The true key to progress is to seek perfection whilst *never* assuming you possess it.... . That applies to every status...., ranging from physical beauty, to intelligence, to sanity, to even *gender*.......(*coughs*)."
~ whoever and whatever I am

I will not hold back here. I do not do 'political' 'correctness'. It is not my job to gas domineering egos. All the same, I do not intend harm at anybody's feelings (I never did for that matter). Ready?

Having a brain that functions in a very low state......is a grave situation. The only way to discover that you are in such a state....is to not egotistically assume that you are intelligent, and then to somehow (as such) experience a drastic boost for your neurological functioning. Having undergone an intensive therapy treatment with Bacopa Monnieri and Ginkgo Biloba..........., I am really embarrassed as I examine my past actions. I know I acted in love (love as I know it)....., hence why I waited and waited and searched and searched, looking for people to help. I acted primally....., I tried to be considerate..... . I was like a toddler full of dreams......who stumbled through life in a perpetually foggy state. I wanted to hug people, and be a family member through friendship.....to anybody and everybody. I wanted to upload happy videos to the internet. I see.....now though. The truth?

I currently note 'a' 'place' 'where' severe autism is the 'norm'...... . The inhabitants use each other like tools / toilets / dumpsters, like objects, and only 'acknowledge' as 'valid'......whatsoever / whoever is 'convenient' to their egos in any given moment.....(and only *whilst* whatsoever / whoever is *still* 'convenient' to their egos.....). That is how you can witness a place where sickening abominations called 'abortion' 'clinics' 'are' 'normal'. Egotism, atheism, autism, and solipcism are many words.....that refer at the same condition.

I am trying to not go insane......after this revelation. Luckily.....it only happened when I was ready for it..... . I do not know what I am going to do with my daily life....here.......from now on. My message? Please do not hate the enemies impeding at your path. Please do not hate them. Please do not hate period..... . Do you know what this means though? It means you will only note reactive ferocity at anything....and everything....that is not 'convenient' to the egos of the enemies....... . Do you see where this is going? It means you will only note reactions of kicking, screaming, and chronic psychotic denial at any truths / facts / universes / awesome people / gorgeous people / information.....not 'convenient' to....the 'average' 'Joan'.

(It works like this..... . If I were to reach Crystal Tokyo someday...., whilst also noting an average celebrity......astrophysicist stowaway, *he* would not be able to adapt.... . He would be be darting about, claiming to have lectures to do.....and experiments to attend to. His condition that was always present.....would be unmasked. You would note him continue cracking off his rhetoric, and he would even give seminars to 'imagined' 'crowds' of 'imaginary' 'nonexistent' 'people'. Dude would be rambling. He would not have *any* grip on reality whatsoever. He would not be able to hide.....his status. You would note the scientist exposed).

If you have read this far, you are not from 'the' 'land' 'of' 'abortion' 'clinics' (*gets nauseous*).


Welcome to the world......... .
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