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'Hottie' House Call / They Had Those Herpes

Truth is waaaaay more eerie than fiction.... . So, I noted a house call today. Word has gotten around about my medicine. The 'hotties' from that party texted at my phone. A medical emergency was taking place. I grabbed my Yggdrasil edition medical kit, and headed on over. I witnessed the 20 year old with the long brown hair.....rolled into a ball on the floor. Their eyes were full of tears. I inquired at the nature of the medical emergency....... . The other brunette cited 'severe' 'monthly' 'issues' (*goes pale*)......as the problem. I did a visual examination, and noted...swollen traits around the navel area of the 'petite' '20' 'year' 'old'......... . I am actually quite studied up when it comes to noting such (*goes green*). I had the necessary medicine..... . Well, as I was going to prepare the medicine, the tall brunette suddenly....asked if I had anything for Herpes (!!!!).... . I tried to tactfully hide my shock, and my horror......... . I caught at the signal of the brunette..., they nodded to their associate.....on the floor. (*Feels my face go pale*). I noted a Herpes blistered finger / hand....shown...at my direction.

I prepared an analgesic....which has muscle relaxant qualities. I combined that with a hormone regulation mixture.... . I then...made a mixture which is meant to provide protection from viruses... .

After giving the medicine, I hung around to make sure of the results..... . I felt pity..... . I also felt guilt...about saying the word " 'sloot' " ...recently.... . I wanted to cry.....really... .

The color started coming back to that 'petite' 'brunette'... . They started talking, and they said how they felt better.... . They claimed their severe cramps were ebbing. They soon laid out. I tried to chat for a while.... . I used my scanning capacities...., and discerned at a virulent viral strain which is prevalent amidst the toughest alpha male black dudes. They freaked out a bit....at my asking about said dude(s). They apparently used to be a stripper / pornography worker in Florida. I realized the ultimate study opportunity has / had taken place for me.

I am going to do studies and interviews. I will try to be a fitness coach, mental coach, and life coach. I will aim for complete professionalism. I already confessed about my celibacy, and made it clear I will not tolerate sexual stuff. They asked for my medicine. They said how they want me to help them get fit. They said they wanted to be happy and satisfied...with life like me. Money was even offered.... .

I am not doing this for money.... . Me? I just do not want to be a cruel and heartless bast***......come time when this world is disassembled......by my hands.

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