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Massive Quartz Boulders

I carried these massive gemstones up my mountain....by hand today. I had to carry them by hand from the gem mine as to not fry the electronics of yet another car :P...... . The lowdown? *TRANSFORMATION*..... . Both the Clear Quartz and the Rose Quartz are beyond 20lb *each*....... . With these gemstones, and the grid of Quartz surrounding my place, I intend to make a "pocket realm" in my cabin..... . Yes..... . A bejeweled sanctum. A place fit for a transformation event. I am already overwhelmed as I type this. My head is throbbing due to the energy levels in here. Yea. I am done. I will not fight the startling truths that have been made known to me. I will not fight reality. I have been having visions of Sailor Moon, the Sailor Scouts, and Crystal Tokyo......all week. Me? I pray these gemstones will usher in the next level of my training........ . I thank the beings who have made my journey possible.

Oh.... . Seems I note 'a' 'certain' 'society'........'satirize' 'at' the facts about my awakening. Oh well.........(*sighs*)..... .


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