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Welcome To My World / My Paradise Of Celestial Magic

I have done it! My place is *SCREAMING* with dimensional energy now...... . A corridor has been formed, and I now spend my days in a regenerative soup of revitalizing and invigorating magical energy!!! Magical energy sourced from awesome worlds where the future is now.....!!! Worlds where awesome robots and starships blast across land, sea, space, and sky...... . It tastes *so* *good*!!!!!! (*Blushes*).

The "veil" that keeps me perceiving.....this world....is *so* *thin* now.... . Yesterday, amidst dinner, I actually shot from over here (!!!) to perceiving the point of view of Serena Peach.....within the blink of an eye!!! Yes, and I did all of that to only be right back over here.....moments later... . Just hours after that, I collapsed....frightened and with a dormant sense of sight (!!!!). Yea, but I collapsed as Serena Peach.....in that other place!!

I got some sparkly Lapis Lazuli from town today ^_^..., and I made car alarms go bonkers as my head brain's stem.....burned and crackled with a very eerie sensation. (I am glad I had a witness with me :P.......). I overloaded my mobile phone with just a touch......following that event. My hope is that I can use the Lapis Lazuli to boost the corridor effect, *and* cause an even higher "jump ignition" effect for my brain organs...... . Yea. This world was about gemstones and rock and roll all along ^_^!!!! Yea I noted 'icky' 'and' 'boring'......'intruders'......all the while, but alas.......the means to freedom...was here all along. My house is now a gate....... . Cool stuff is on the way. Please stay tuned ^_~.

I give thanks the beings who make my lifestyle possible. (*Groans in pain as suddenly feels bolts of energy shoot through my sides*)... . (There goes the pains of my other brains ....). I am so excited about my future ^_^!!!! Waaahahahaha ~~ !! Yahoo ~~ :D!!!
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