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The Real Chronicles Of Sailor Moon

As always, proof always comes..... . I am astounded....... . I give thanks to the beings who make this possible.

I now know why I noted that 'youma' mode behemoth.....stopped in his tracks. When I get upset, this planet always reflects...my emotional state. I was actually nervous about checking USGS, and I haven't checked it since Monday. I knew that everything I have talked about.......depended on a quake series taking place Tuesday. My abilities have been my shield all along, and that is the reason why I have not been directly attacked by swarms upon swarms of (exposed) youma.

It is time to get real.... . I will have to put my electric guitar / telescope / starlight rock videos on hold..... . I need to prepare to witness war..... . I need to continue lifting weights. I need to continue training in Karate, Kung Fu, and Tai Chi. I need to learn to use ki. I need to be proficient in directing and manipulating the defensive energies of these huge gems by my bed.

The moment I transform *HERE* (again), I will likely note direct attacks at my person.....(*groans in shock, horror, and disgust*). Using the last event as a reference, I really do not want to even talk about the likely intentions....of the enemy (*feels myself getting utterly queasy, utterly sickened*).

I took some drastic steps Wednesday. I faced my past..... . As a result of the steps I took, I had an awakening event as Sailor Moon. I was in another plane of existence..., and I witnessed an assault from a horrifically powerful 'cybernetic' foe..... . As Sailor Moon adorned in a space armor type of attire, and with a huge sword in my hand, I still struggled. I am confused by what happened next.... . Mamoru (!!!???!!?!!) (why him?????) showed up.....wearing a jaguar (???) motif armor (with a clawed gauntlet and huge sword) that looked like something out of Gundam....., and he fought (!!!) the unknown enemy....., synching (?!!?!!) at my every move. Even *then* I did not know if victory was possible. I struggled to keep conscious amidst emitting my energy so intensely....., but in the moment that my time was up in my body, I noted the strange foe disintegrate at the presence of a white sword (was it mine?). That victory *meant* something, and this world is about to show just *what* it meant.

The drastic steps that I took? (*Feels a fluttering sensation in my stomach*). I admitted that it seems like I might not be single (*goes red*) (*puts hand to mouth*)...... . It seems like I may have (*feels my whole body turn red with shyness*) been in a relationship.....for an eternity past, a time that infinitely precedes The Big Bang........ . I...opened my heart to the prospect of being in a relationship *now*, and since *ALL* of my abilities are based upon *love*, *emotions*, that action had explosive effects. My pledge to celibacy? I do not know now (*feels my face go blue*)........ . If I have been in a relationship all along, I just hope and pray it was with the hyperdimensional being related to Nina Wyndia / Pinkie Pie......., and the hyperdimensional being related to Dawn.... . If marriage is a real concept, and (*goes red*).....I am already wed (*gawks*), wed to the women I love, I'll embrace that truth happily. I'm ready to face my past, my present, and my future. My celibacy pledge issue, and the whole cleared up gender issue, were the only things keeping me stuck here...... . Things should speed up now.

I give thanks to the beings who make my lifestyle possible. I love you, and I thank you.

*Prays in gratitude for the chance to live like I do*.
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