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Locomotion Via Space Fabric Manipulation

It happened in a flash. Maybe it was on account of making Gotu Kola a part of my current nootropic regimen on the previous day. Maybe it has something to do with my brain physiology. Maybe it has something to do with my performance enhancing gemstones.... . Whatever the case, I have deciphered and analyzed the structure of this "dimension" and zones beyond..... . As such, I get it now. My original internet postings were actually accurate in mentioning "zones"..... .

Yea. I indeed need to run from this place. With each passing solar cycle, the energy levels in this realm keep dropping lower and lower and lower. Technology has stalled. The media has stalled. The weather has become very erratic.... . I understand why now.... . This zone is part of a cluster of zones, a cluster which is kept apart by vast barriers. (Yes, and all of zones are thoughtform based (because each zone is just a corner of my mind)......and thus contain thoughtform basis contents (although a particular zone is usually in a state of continual state of flux (the zone where my "visions" were scripted / sourced from))). Yes, and this zone of jumbled / rudimentary physics and confused concepts is about to be disassembled (by a Ultranova).

For the past decade, I have unexpectedly been forming a new zone.. . A realm that is separated from this realm by a vast expanse...... . It is a realm that is loaded with food, mecha, starships, high concentrations of magic energy, and a bevy of habitable planets..... . It is a realm with no monsters, no Gods, no religions, no nonsense. And although I have just found about this realm..., as far back as X years ago.....I have been (!!!!!!) undergoing travel events regarding said realm.... . During said events..I experience *intense* vertigo, a "stretching" sensation, and a sensation of being overwhelmed as I am overcome by torrents of my own energy. As of late, I have been *transforming* (!!!!) *here* amidst said events. I understand what is going on...... . The very system of physics in *this* place is confused and scrambled, and that is because the same code by which I disorientedly assembled this zone (XXX solar cycles ago)...is in *still* in action!!! In summation, being stuck in this place is like being stuck in Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing.


For the sake of progress, the very *concepts* that compose this place need to be disassembled and overwritten!!! For the sake of progress, the very *dreams* which compose this place..need to be disassembled and overwritten!!!

Whenever the space fabric which bridges from my new zone comes into contact with me *here*, a *transformation* takes place. There is a very grave issue with the very space fabric and physics which comprise this zone, but those issues are briefly but completely "overwritten" whenever the space fabric from the other zone touches down in a specific location over here. I would get scared (*blush*) during such events in the past....though, and that was because I had no idea what the tugging and sucking sensations meant....... . I had no idea where I was *headed* during those past events, so I clung to this place. I understand now though. Those events are my ticket up from here..... . I am learning the basics of space fabric manipulation as a means for locomotion...., and I plan to take full advantage of my next "space bridge" event. Yea. I will try to run from here as soon as possible. During the next event..., I will just relax and let me get sucked away from here........ . The Tokyo in the new zone should line up *directly* with the information of Sailor Moon. From there, and with some peace and quiet, I can decide on what to do with my life. I give thanks to the beings who have made my lifestyle and revelations possible.
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