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This World Is My Lucid Dream

After hanging on for my life due to my latest awakening over the past couple days, I am certain of it now.. . This world is my lucid dream, and the reason I can make it shake when and where I say...is because I built it from the ground up... . I dreamt it from the ground up. From all the groceries in the grocery stores, to all the electronic hardware systems, this place is a manifestation of my mental state and memories.... . Even though I note a virulent force blitzing an obfuscation / deception anticampaign at that fact, the fact remains..... .

My worries about the wellbeing of the innocent can be eased now....... . My geological events aren't harming real people. They are just making way for a new era of starships, floating crystalline islands, and the stuff that this world needs to signify progress. Progress. That's the key word here. I was on the internet even when I witnessed 1996. Yea. What progress has been made with the internet??? What progress has even been made with electronic hardware systems??? What progress has even been made regarding media???

I now witness the most unattractive video games and anime shows of all time, games and anime shows that seem to outlaw at any and all portrayals of femininity...., and my instincts are telling me something here...... . After noting (and not even recognizing) the masculinized false 'Tifa' of FF Advent Children, my instincts are telling me something. There must be a gender related capacity, ability, of an unsurpassed scale and scope available.....to actual females........ . I am going to make that ability my goal... . I'll make being (!!!!!!!!!) an actual female my goal.... . A purging event of sorts is about to take place......... .

About the Sapphires, I am not going to sell them. I am going to adhere to my prophecy.... . I am not going to squander them for worthless money. Yes. The energy that resides within these raw gemstones is palpable. This fist sized translucent White Sapphire spurred an awakening that took *everything* I had to survive. I am not going to sell it or any other Sapphire. (By the way, this gemstone is *really* making me dizzy as I hold it. My whole body is trembling now. I'm going to go lie down).

(I again give thanks to the beings who have showered me with blessings. I will try to live up to your trust in me).
Tags: lucid dream, sapphires
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