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My Turf / A Declaration / Upcoming Mana Surge

I was doing some reading this morning....... .



I read up, because I needed to predict and discern at one last trap.

I got upset???? A quake took place. Just a little quake, but notice the location.

Reading Chateau Heartiste saved me..... . I confirmed that I note sub anime status and vile / disgusting / meaningless sluttery go hand in hand. I have some words now.

This dimension traveling thing is my turf. There are no 'Fictionkin'. There are no 'Otherkin'. '*They*' 'are' '*ALL*' 'fakers'. I keep this journal public on purpose. I lift weights, mine gems, and do what I do to prove myself. Straw men presenting embarrassingly flawed arguments, or even arguing period, are just enemy sourced straw men. I do not argue. I do not have to rely on arguments and numbers. I make the world shake. And now I mine the *BIGGEST* gemstones I have ever seen on the internet. This journal is intended as an impregnable bastion at 'evil', and a spire of hope for the innocent!!!

Me??? I say here I am. Yea. And guess what??? I'm going to see about leveling this place up now. I will make sure this place is beyond anime in every regard. Time to use these gemstones which I have mined as a medium, and do what must be done. The hyperspectral colors, the light, shall spill across this world, filling every nook and cranny. That is only way I can actually see some beautiful women here, women who actually have sense.

Now though...I need to rest. Mining, with no help whatsoever from faker Fictionkin, has me so utterly tired... . It's time to rest these aching wrists for the day. I am feeling every boulder that I moved aside / overturned.
Tags: mana surge, physiognomy, physiognomy is real
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