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The Little Starry Maiden / My Little Starry Maiden

Oh ~~....she is on my mind...*turns a blushful red*. *Gulps*. Woa, just..woa.... . I am just stunned, stunned as I type this.

Staggeringly beautiful...(*exhales in awe*).... . Oh my gosh... . Woa!!!

...... .

So, I woke up feeling massive g's, a sensation of gravity fluctuations. I was seated within a compact dome structure, and I was strapped down to the seat. Gazing up, I saw a *beautiful*......cosmic expanse. !!!!!. (*Feels my fingernails glowing with hope*). Stars, galaxies, and even nebulae~~..were visible (!!!) to my naked eyes. I felt a descending sensation, a flipping sensation, and...wondered where I was and just *what* place could have a carnival ride so cool ~~~. Gazing to my left, and noticing a noise, I witnessed a 'stock' 'hellbeast' (JZC, for the record). I discerned...the hellbeast was disintegrating at the presence of the cosmic energy all around me, so I relaxed somewhat and continued enjoying the ride.

There was suddenly an *intense* spike for the ambient holy energy levels, and I gasped ~~~ as multicolored fireworks lit up the cosmic environment overhead......(*feels my fingernails glowing in awe*). The pod / capsule I was in...was bathed in sacred and gorgeous colors....(*swoons*). It was about that time that I sensed a presence to the right of me. I tasted the *excitement* and *hope* (!!!!), the radiant and electrifying feelings, of a little / petite (*chuckles in awe*) lifeform whom I initially struggled to perceive. I could *clearly* tell that the being was *good* (*gulps*), because as they were nestled (???!!??) close to me in the pod seat, everything just felt "right"..... . Yes, felt so bright and full of hope.

As the capsule pulled some *really* wild turns / flips, I was like "woaaa ^_^~~!!!", having the time of my life. I did not want the event to end. I was so happy..... . (*Feels my fingernails glowing with hope*). I was getting woozy.... . The pod / capsule seemed to then come to a halt (????). Yes, and it was then (!!!) (*feels my body glowing as I type*) that I (!!!) saw a celestial maiden, a hyperdimensional lifeform {!!!!!), unbuckle / unfasten herself from the seat next to me (!!!!) and fly upwards (!!!)! She was enshrouded in a pure white light..that radiated hope and vitality into her environment, into *me* (*gulps*) (!!!!!!). She released what looked...and what *felt* to be......little and sparkling stars from her hands into the immediate environment. Coated in the holy energy, I soon found myself floating (!!!!), floating and just staring in awe..... . The adorable and innocent ~~ little celestial maiden was happily zipping around the enclosure, and I just floated there...*stunned* by her. She had tender and luscious feelings. She had a heart full of love.... . She had on (!!!!) (*gulps*) a black top, and a pink skirt ~~.... . Her lush and healthy blue hair flowed behind her.... . She was just precious. *Truly* adorable. I was not seeing anime..... . I was seeing a totally different being who had no link to 'Pokemon'..... . Her appearance, her abilities, her sentience, her cognizance, were all entirely new to me. I was like a mystified infant in her presence. My life was clearly in her hands.

Waking up....again, it was clear that I had fainted moments before. Fainted to the beauty, and as such the infinite information levels presented by the being whom I had seen moments before. I felt arms around me (*gulps*), and heard a familiar voice speaking into my ear. (The voice sounded like the teacher from the Netoge broadcasts). I was sitting in what seemed to be a conveyance. In that moment, I was actually able to follow her words, but I struggle to remember them now. Some point, I asked her "What about us?". It was then (!!!!!) (*gulp*) that I felt the hug from behind me tenderly tighten, and I felt (!!!!!!!!!) the lips of a female (???!!!!?!!!?) c..cosmic level being passionately (*swoon exhales*) clamp around my right ear..... . Feeling some kisses (!!) soon after that, I.....um....heard v..very passionate words spoken.

How do I feel? I am happy. Content. Joyous, and wistful. Why am I back to this place??? I have had my fill of witnessing hellbeasts.

I wanna go back to her (*blushes*). I want more time together as a family, with my real family. I want to talk more. I'm going to take more African Dream Root (*notices blue eyes hovering in my field of vision*). I need more (*gawks*) (*goes red*) of these events. Seriously. I love it. All of it.

I give thanks to the beings who shared their time and energy with me today. Thank you for making today's event possible. I *really* needed that.

Tags: african dream root, goddess level beings, herbal medicine, hyperdimensional lifeforms, nootropics, physiognomy is real
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