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A Day Of Celebration And Relaxation

I was watching at episodes of the anime (clone / fake) version of Sailor Moon Super S yesterday, and just shaking my head...... . I felt relief, *deep* relief, and realized just how far my training has come....... . I can now calmly witness at something which I used to be **terrified** at, knowing that I dodged "the bullet". It was like I was witnessing awkward exodimensional aliens, alien in form, action, and behavior...... . My thought processes continued as I slept.

Yea. And thanks to recent online events, I am seeing for myself that what I do, and who I am, can not (!!!????!!!!) be recreated. What I do, and who I am, surprisingly, can not be replaced...... . (Maybe that, is even attested (!!!!!!!) whenever I note the anime doppelganger fake Sailor Moon). Even IRL, I wield abilities I can prove now. I can fry the electronics of local houses with just an upset gaze, and I have a reputation in my locale. Looks like all my training was not for nothing, and I am *utterly* grateful to the hyperdimensional beings who supported me through all of my struggles.

I think I get it now, why I must live. I was not created, so my desire to protect those in need, my willingness to sacrifice all that I am for the wellbeing of those who are around me, *can* *not* be replaced.

I can not be cloned, I can not be reproduced.


Is that why the starry maiden cries (?????) tears of limitless love, relief, and gratitude upon listening (*blushes*) to my beating heart, listening to my chest?????

(*Exhales in awe and relief*).

The future looks bright, so bright.

Yea, I really am just getting going. I have not even brought forth the internet rock videos with my spell music, music, which over a decade ago, summoned / caused an event which literally shook the planet. Yea. When I get my electric guitar from storage, and that soon, things will pick up. My music has as much an effect on reality as my words. Yea, by the way, I have been playing the above theme every day ^_^...., and the other day, as a result, I was stuck witnessing Duckburg (!!!!) from DuckTales for a while (!!!!!) :P. Yea, I found a driver (since I note glaucoma issues IRL), so I think I'll go get my guitar, my rig, and soon.... . I need to play that theme online (*feels my fingernails glowing with hope*).

Yea, but for today, I am going to rest, and enjoy..... . Enjoy the chance to have The Yggdrasil Effect bonded to my words, my illustrations, and my music. Yeaaaaaa ~~~.... . I feel free *^_^*!!! Is this is freedom feels like?

I give thanks to the people who have shown me such love, and helped me reach this day. I am so grateful. Thank you (*gasps as feels a loving caress to my right ankle (!!!!!) *^_^* *) (*notices glowing blue eyes in my field of vision*), I thank you utmost.

*Dances in the spirit of prayer, worship, thanksgiving, and gratitude*.


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Tags: hyperdimensional lifeforms, reality manipulation, sailor moon, special abilities, thanksgiving, the yggdrasil effect, tifa
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