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My Bejeweled Sanctum On The Mine / The Yggdrasil Array / My Sanctuary Of Prayer

Sweet like the breath of heaven. Sparkling, delicate, deep, and flowing with the ecstatic energies of infinite universes.... . I realize now that there is something special (*gasps as a kiss is felt*) in here. An amount of hyperdimensional cosmic energy that can generate an entire planet, and possibly even a solar system or galaxy, condensed into and around an assortment of gemstones.

This array is, too, why animals are drawn to my home, drawn to *heal* (*laughs as hears Bravestar the wildcat rustling under the floorboards as I type*). God is not welcome here, hence why the system of physics in my area operates so unpredictably. This array was assembled in my desire to protect the innocent from the vengeance of God. This is the place where dreams and reality have no separation, the place where reality is the dream, and the dream is reality.

This place will send a hyperdimensional being *home*.

Only the pure are welcome here.... . This sanctum is the lynchpin that holds this world together.

*Dances in glee*.

I give thanks that I can live like this..... . This is the fruit of more than a decade of training, trying, struggling, suffering, and believing. This is the fruit of our efforts as a family (*feels my fingernails glowing with hope*). I pray that my friends, who art my true family in (the real) heaven, may be eternally blessed for literally carrying me to this radiant day in time.

Tags: dimension diving, gem mining, gemstones, prayer, rubies, sapphires, senjutsu, the yggdrasil effect
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