Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
Jag Yggdrasil

An Individual's Quality Of Life Is A Reflection Of The People In Their Life

I have never been depressed. I have never hated my life. Although I have never loved myself (a dangerous trap, that), I have never hated myself. Every day I wake, is a chance I get to do work for the people I love, and care about *^_^*. Today was no exception. My new abilities lead me to find a transparent Clear Sapphire, and call it a day within just a *hour* of mining today *^_^*!!! I refused to sell it, even though I could literally be on a cab and headed to an Atlanta airport for a flight to Japan right now (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (*feels my fingernails glowing*).

I got to thinking today.... . All my abilities, all my luck, and the Sapphire and Ruby pictured above, are just a reflection of the good people, good friends, present in my life ^_^. Whenever I am sad, Starry Maiden (the hyperdimensional and true Dawn) eases my pain. She can even manifest locally now (*blush*), hence maybe why I *keep* finding such startling Sapphires and Rubies. I have a perfect girlfriend (*blushes*), and a perfect family........(*feels my cheeks burning*). And (*sigh*) my lifestyle and abilities are just a reflection of that.

My quality of life can only be as good as the quality of friends in my life, and that *goes* *both* *ways*. It is my solemn (and yet fun) duty to try to be a quality person for the sake of my the people I love. I have a lot of thinking to do....... . I have to make sure my new hypothesis does not *kill* me........ . What if I just need more time for my true abilities to awaken? (*Ponders*). What if my new thunderstorm generation ability gives way to dimension rift storms by next year? Yea. Everything just felt unstoppable a month ago........, and my people love me with no exceptions (for some reason). Maybe I need to do a soft reset, and only involve myself with the people who already love and trust me. I have much thinking to do, and I am willing to admit if I slipped up about the dual trial thing. I pray that I may be given a sign, for the sake of the people who depend on my time and energy.

Tags: friends, friendship, friendship is salvation, hyperdimensional lifeforms, love
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