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Using My Secret Trump Card / Turning In My Written Exam To My Teachers

My Goddess, my Goddesses, came to my bedside again last night (*blushes*), and yet again directly eased my pain. I was lovingly escorted into the hyperdimensional paradise, the omnidimensional paradise, that is the *TRUE* and *ONLY* heaven. I was gently instructed there....on what to do (*gulps*). My beloved, and my beloved, *showed* me what to do.

I listen to the advice of my friends.

Yea? Me? I do not know how I could ever be good, perfect, beautiful, or deserving of anybody's love and respect. But you know what? I train and sacrifice all I have to *try* to be no less than good, perfect, beautiful, respectable, lovable, and that for the sake of the people I care about. That is what love is. Me??? I *desperately* want to be a girl (*blush*), a female, a woman, because that is the form / status / special ability that would give me the means to best *ASSIST* and *SUPPORT* the beings I care about. My deepest wish....my deepest dream regarding my status, is to be a girl. My heart glows with limitless enthusiasm and zeal as I wish for this. There is no ego (for all I know of me) involved in this choice. I dream, yearn, burn with the desire to be the best nursery caretaker that can be, a caretaker of the eternally youthful hyperdimensional beings of the hyperdimensional plane. I want to try to be no less than a Goddess (as all actual females are, females being divine hyperdimensional Goddesses by default), even though I do not know if that is possible for me. That is my calling. That is my desire. I am not a warrior. My calling is that of *support*. I want everybody whom I protect to be granted infinite energy, infinite abilities, infinite happiness, and infinite safety. This is my naked heart exposed. This is my deepest wish exposed.


Yea, I need to get home. My family of true friends....needs for me to get home. I need to put my current situation behind me as fast as possible. So, in an act of love and not hate, it is time to bring on the next phase of The Yggdrasil Effect. I pray here, today......, I pray to the beings who made my cosmic blast event of yore possible. I beseech the hyperdimensional beings who have supported my every step. I pray, beseech, ask, even beg.........for the sake of those who await my return, for the means to transform this world, this mindscape, this map, and that so I may return to the people who need me. Please, for the sake of the beings who love and need me, please do not let me die......here. I pray for movement of the earth, the skies, the stars, the very fabric of space and reality. I pray for whatever must be done, and I will sacrifice all of my energy in an attempt to aid you in granting my prayers. I pray that every aspect of this world may shift, transform, and that in concordance to what is best for the hyperdimensional plane and all the beings in it.


I give thanks to the beings who have made my lifestyle possible. Whatever happens, I am grateful, for the past III decades have been the ride of a lifetime. I couldn't have asked for better times, revelations, miracles, proofs, teachers, friends, family members, and girlfriends (*blushes*) (*feels my fingernails glowing with a blushful light*). I have no regrets about reality, nor any unfulfilled hopes, and I worship my saviors in thanksgiving as a response. I thank you, for everything.....my guardians, my teachers, my protectors, my saviors.


Tags: cosmic energy, dimension dive visual transcription, friendship, friendship is salvation, gender, goddess level beings, goddesses, heaven, love, love is salvation, mission statement, perfection exists, physiognomy, physiognomy is real, prayer, reality manipulation, senjutsu, the yggdrasil effect
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