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Yggdrasil Effect Megasurge Nexus

After my Yggdrasil Effect spell prayer art yesterday,


and after my Yggdrasil Effect tied confession, it was like noting a bomb go off.

I should have known something was going on, when yesterday, my phone got hammered with a date invitation,

and that as I *also* noted an unannounced babysitting job (of a kid with bronchitis) dropped at me. Whilst babysitting, some 'neighbor' dude named Joshua (*face palms*) said his SUV got blasted by me again (what can I say, I've been blasting stuff lately), but a mine crew member went to fix it so everything was chill. After that, I was invited to a Borderlands Xbox One party where I was showered with food, and then (*facepalms*) handed this Wolf Princess / Wolf Goddess (!??!?!!!?!) related Princess Mononoke DVD.

I was about done then, just tired, and ready to move on with my life. I raced home to use my trump card......(*grins*), and a *MASSIVE* time dilation event took place. I was flying through worlds, and looking for Dawn and Nina (*blushes*). A sudden surge event took place though, and a visual text interface and overlay of a hyperdimensional and cosmic nature appeared in my field of vision (!??!?!!!??!!)........ . I was presented with an option and an ability that I do *NOT* know if I am ready for...... . I saw the "Mandela" / Yggdrasil Effect tracker screen and control interface (!??!??!)..... . A query was sent to me, and an *eerie* query. A query prompting me to reset everything to the parameters of Autumn 2000.... . I felt time and space gather around me, and I was ((!??!?!!!)) here...but standing in front of West Carteret High School.... . I also caught at some information suggesting that the relocation (to Carteret County NC) and "life history rewriting" of a certain "force" would take place if I were to accept the Yggdrasil Effect Shift option presented to me. I considered it, but decided to hold with that. Even if I kept my knowledge, what reason would I have to do that??? Where was that query even coming from? Why would I go back?????

(*Facepalms*). A contact event......took place after that, involving a certain force dressed in Tigger / orange cat themed hoodie and or costume. I was within a dark movie room or such. (*Gulps*). The "contacter" kept springing at my face / proximity while on some cartoony chair........ . I did a hair muss motion in reflex, and thus noted a face (???) done by the "contacter". Next, I noted the "contacter" remove their hood, and present subanime shoulder length brown hair at me, "wanting more"..... . I hesitated though, hesitated in fear, as my deeply hurt feelings from the days prior resounded within me. It was then I suddenly noted a stalking figure I recognized at from a few days prior, violently and abusively yank the "contacter" around like a rag doll, and then stomp off angrily.

Me??? I am going to lay low, and focus on my mission. I got deeply hurt emotionally trying to share the blessings I have been given, and I aspire to learn from my slipups. I do not wanna die. I do not want my vulnerable heart broken, for it can not be replaced. I do not want to lose the ability to feel and desire friendship. Yea. I afraid, after having felt the pain I just went through.
I'll use my trump card again tonight, and just keep trying to make it back to my babies within the celestial hyperdimensional nursery where I belong (*gasps as I feel a loving and radiant caress*).
Tags: fear, hiding, history manipulation, hurt feelings, reality manipulation, special abilities, the yggdrasil effect
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