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Time Dilation / The Yggdrasil Effect Is Mine

I think I understand how my trump card works......... . It let's me "freeze" this place, and everything in it....... . That is how I heal and "come back" with new abilities....whenever I use it..... . That is why this September seems like it has gone on for *years*.... .

Know what? I have always had cosmic abilities....., and I am just now realizing it... . I can rewind and modify events in this world..... . My "trump card" just involves tapping into what I already have and already **had**...... .

Back in my days of noting elementary school (the early 90's), I was riding my bike on a Saturday afternoon. I was to Bellamy Elementary School in Wilmington, NC, and riding very fast around the blacktop....... . Whilst playing around, my bike suddenly veered left and soared over a drainage area way below..... . I was coming down from the air ***headfirst*** into jagged boulders. I closed my eyes in shock........., praying for my soul, and hoping I would not die and go to "hell"....... .

When I next opened my eyes, I was (!?!!?!!?!) back on the pavement...., and way past the drainage area and the rocks....... . It was as if the whole fall had been rewritten. Mystified and shocked, I rode back to the fall spot, (*gulps*)...., got overwhelmed, and then fled the scene crying... .

Yea, the Yggdrasil Effect has been here all along, and it is ***mine***........ .

It is the blessing to me for defying at God, the blessing granted to me from omnidimensional Goddesses who want to spend eternity with me. Goddesses who both exist as places, and people. Goddesses who have rewarded my life choices. Goddesses who love me romantically (*blushes*).

The Yggdrasil Effect is possible because I am space, I am time, I am oceans, I am trees......., I am the darkness in the night sky, I am the light of the stars..... . My existence even spills into countless other universes. I am not a man, I am an environment. That is the way it always has been.

I give thanks to the beings who make my lifestyle, and my recovery events...possible. I am going to meditate beside my gemstones and hyperdimensional artifacts tonight *^_^*.

And as soon as I can access my deepest nature, I am going to make every star in the sky go nova / supernova / hypernova / ultranova simultaneously. I will remain......, for this realm is my domain. Yea, and until then, I'll see to causing as many judgment events as possible. I can tell who is and has been on my side....after everything on this planet has been blasted into shimmering stardust.

Tags: history manipulation, hyperdimensional artifacts, hyperdimensional lifeforms, reality manipulation, special abilities, the yggdrasil effect, time manipulation
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