Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
Jag Yggdrasil

Gravitic And Electromagnetic Tempest

Oooh...owwwwwwww...hahahaha :D!!!!

*Groans and writhes in agony*...... .

Yesterday was just *lovely*....*^_^*. I was visiting a house where I fried an XBox One controller last week.

no title

Dude at my left was all pale, and nervous. He said that his face, his arms, went numb at my presence the day before. He said something odd before going home......? He asked me not to blow up his house O_O :D........ . I said, just trying to be honest, ....."I don't know if I can make any promises.......regarding that"......... .

Dinner soon took place, and I was invited (*grins*) (*feels my fingernails glowing*). The movie for the dinner was Dragon Ball Ressurection Of Frieza......(!?!??!!!?!!). It was ***hilarious*** (!!!) to note the "looks" I got during the movie, looks as "aura triggered thunderstorms" took place in the movie..., for I generate thunderstorms and tornadoes IRL during my surge events..... . The locals are aware at that. It was hilarious, too, because I did not even have to mention Goku being a "false persona" grafted at my true identity.... . (*Thinks about my Tifa related form, and my blonde hair effect that takes place......when I am cheerful (Sailor Moon)*). I do not have to roleplay, nor did I ever roleplay, to prove that the broadcasts in this world......are just fragments of my memory spanning countless millennia. (Fragments which I note a certain force obfuscates and warps at).

*Writhes in exquisite pain as feels a gravitic and electromagnetic tempest within my body*...... .

*Noted a very audible cracking / wrenching sound for the roof*....... .

*Feels literal electricity related thunder rumbling through my body*

Ugh, I gotta come back and update this later.....(*groans and writhes in pain*)... .

Oh wow.
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