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Dimension Flux And Mindscape Map Flip Blip / Life Breath

Yea (*blushes*). My data processing levels have been permanently boosted O_O.... . It even appears they are still rising..... . Yes, and I give thanks to my hyperdimensional friends for supporting me through my rehabilitation. (*Feels my fingernails glowing with gratitude*). What have I done with all the new mental performance "headroom"? I have basically been writing crucial anatomy and physiology treatises for the past couple days..... . I hope my chest heart can keep up with the new data processing loads though :/.......... . (*Glances down to my aching chest*)..... .

Yea, there seems to be some connection to my performance....and cosmic ray events..... . Yea, because another map flip event happened last night (*chuckles*). After having such a fun time, and expressing my feelings and dreams with my ink pen, I retreated to my leather couch. (Yea, I have not been sleeping in my bedroom..since I got traumatized (*turns blue with embarrassment*) ^_^'........(*sighs*)).

I was watching the moon, and thinking about bodycon dresses (*grins*) :D.

I guess I drifted into a light sleep.as I gazed to the stars from my front room window..... .

I next woke to find myself sitting (!!!!!), sitting on my couch..., but within (!?!?!) a black expanse (!!!). Yea, that stuff again O_O...... . I sensed movement though, movement in front of me, and I grasped for my tablet.....for I was determined to film whatever was happening... . My tablet was activated, the video camera mode was turned on, and I thus gasped as I gazed upon the screen.... . I witnessed a teeming and writhing horde (!?!?!!?!!) (*feels my fingernails glowing in disgust*) of ghoulish arms, legs, and bodies....., but only by way of the tablet screen. I noticed one entity that was suspended upside down amidst the heights of the writhing mass, flip down at the floor, and start to walk off...... . He / it had a straw hat, a shirt, and pantaloons. I braced myself, realizing I was witnessing the (??) undead and subanime state of that One Piece anime dude.... . My eyes must've adjusted, because by the time I witnessed dude, my eyes were able to track at the ghoulish entities..... . I noticed the entities were receding at my presence, and I soon found why..... .

Some flux event happened, and everything went bright. My cosmic energy aura was awakening, and startling things took place. I was suddenly witnessing "1994" again, and my couch from here...disassembled under me...... . I collapsed to the floor of what appeared to be (!?!?!) the middle school I went to (Myrtle Grove Middle). I was very disoriented........ . Within moments, my body was enveloped in a bright flash (!!!!!). I cackled (*laughs*) dizzily......as I saw that my skin was white (!!!!). Utterly woozy, I noted my point of view rise above my body for a few moments.... . An energy surge overtook me, and my hair (*cackles*) (*facepalms*) stood straight up..., turning gold (*groans*) in the process.... . I saw that I was wearing clothes that had an "ethnic" look...., and I also saw that my height was way down.... . When my point of view returned to an in body state, I got up, lurching, and enjoyed the sight and feeling of energy crackling around and through me. Yea, I noted "Goku" grafted at my perception of myself.....(*cringes*).... . I flew through the school entrance doors, and high into the outdoor air....when I suddenly felt a grip at my (!?!) tail......... . I prepared to note a fight then, remembering full well at "Dragon Ball rules" about Saiyans' tails being a weak point and a means to paralyze them....(*gulp*). Looking back, I noted (!?!?!) an airborne "kid Trunks" was the aggressor... . I grabbed my tail back, glad that I had not been paralyzed.... . It was then...that the same thing as usual happened.... . I witnessed a horrible fight. Piccolo and some Frieza race type dude were both destroying at the area......by way of fierce fighting. Piccolo's opponent transformed into a bigger form, and the whole region was going up as huge blasts took place.

I guess my concentration slipped, and everything "reset".... to me being back on my couch.

Some things apparently stuck...though (!!!!). For example, I can feel prana, mana, life energy (!!!), tingling, resonating, and present..within my exhaled breaths. I think I need to go ahead and make a " repeat offenders" "anime mask" list.., as to be ready for any potential quasi-permanent map flips.

XY Chromosome: Ash Ketchum, Ichigo Kurosaki, Lelouch, Sasuke Uchiha (*cringes*), Ben 10, Yuma Tsukumo, Yugi Moto, Tails, Tenchi Masaki, Hibiki of Vandread, Gingka Hagane, Shinji Ikari, Ryu of Breath Of Fire, Son Goku of DB / DBZ / DBS, Lion-O of Thundercats, Dan Kuso of Bakugan

XX Chromosome: Nami Of One Piece (*cringes*), Rainbow Dash, Sailor Moon / Usagi Tsukino, Kagome Higurashi, Mother One of Bionic Six, Kiyone Makibi, Tifa Lockhart, Lilka Eleniak, Gadget Hackwrench, Starfire, Princess Peach, Bloom from Winx (*cringes*), Cammy, Virginia Knights of Saga Frontier II, Jem, Ryuko Matoi, Fonda Fontane

(*Sighs*). Any quasi-permanent map flip does not really change anything regarding my goals. Just means finding a starship refuge and / or private planet and thus the necessary amenities with which to train.....and deactivate the Infiniversal Routing Gem. Yea, I have no interest in the dangerous and lethal..abyssal "anime plane" denizens. Since subanime is that of the bowels of H=LL, anime is but the "outer reaches" of H=LL. Anime ones will only butcher at my feelings, hopes, dreams, and my body. Yea.... I need to be with heavenly people who are capable of love. I have had my fill of witnessing neglect and abandonment..........(*recalls at the 80's, 90's, and 00's*).
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