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The Crucial Benefits Of A (Physiological) Multi-Tiered Data Processing System



It may seem like an illustration on notebook paper, but the above illustration attests VI years of struggling..... . After my IRL Japan trip, I dedicated everything I had....into pursuing the truth, and the secret as to why I can do what I can do........ .

Yea, the above illustration is (also) about neurology. It is about pursuing the physiology which is necessary for empathy, telepathy, omnidimensional environmental manipulation, perceiving divine lifeforms, the capacity for love, the capacity for free will, the capacity for accountability, the capacity for maturity, the capacity for discipline, the capacity for moral integrity, and the capacity to process information as it pertains to all the senses.

Yea, I just couldn't do it back in 2010. I could not accept that anime Sailor Moon body (*shakes*).....(*shivers*). I was not interested in tirading about dangerous h*llzones wearing skimpy clothing..... . I had (*cringes, turning a sickened blue*) (*ffeels my stomach hurting*) no desire to flash underwear to dangerous monsters, demons, killers, and rapists (*gulps in a sickened and squeamish manner*). I was not attracted to dudes either (*cringes as recalls witnessing Mamoru*)..... . I have always tried to be objective, and free from ego..... . So in that trying, I illustrated........ . And illustrated...... . And illustrated...... . Not accepting the "easy way" of "the anime planes" (with loads and loads of sycophants, toadies, fake peace, fake prosperity, fake acceptance from 'them', and fake 'love' from 'them').

Before even finding (!!!) *why*.....I kept illustrating thigh gaps and hips, I always found my pen following the same "bodily curvature" patterns when I tried to illustrate "the real me".... . Only after illustrating, only after many years of suffering, did I find that there was a match for form and function. Specifically (!!!) IV brain organs (!!!!!) around the hips / waist area of hyperdimensional beings....that necessitate a thigh gap (whilst also filling skirts and gowns beautifully (the way they were intended to be filled all along)).

The fake "binary gender system" imposed a death sentence at my abilities....., and a horrible prospect of chronic entrapment. Indeed, entrapment to bullies, bills, drama, haters, wars, fights, desolation, mean payrents / parents, and poverty. Flipping this map, and returning home, requires ***full*** *brain*** ***access***..... . Meaning, in my case, VII brains in total.... . The same would apply to anybody who would and could be undergoing a "dual trialer" scenario with me........ . The real goal of "map flipping" would need to be soaring beyond "anime masks" and "anime distractions", and seeking our ***true*** bodies (and the functions that come with the forms)..... . Now that I discern the "Negro male mask" I currently witness..imposes "developmental disabilities" at my mind, my destiny, I'm running for my life........ . Yes, *happily* accepting the chance to be the true me.....portrayed in the illustrations above.
Tags: body design, brain matters, data processing, neurology, physiognomy, physiology, trials
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