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Being Introduced To My True Self / Below Gravity Reading Update

After I wrote the above, I retired to the couch after taking my heart medicine.

I next woke to the hyperdimensional plane, and I was clutching my head in shock..... . Even with my sacral brain organs (to the base of my spine) operational, and thus the thinking and data processing capacities of VI brains (!?!?!) available to me, my hands were to my mouth in shock.......as I realized that I slipped up here....(*winces hard*) (*fees my fingernails glowing with worry*)..... . Me, the real me, was in shock about the "33/36" years I have apparently been "under" (*gulps*)....., and that real me (!?!?!?!) uttered the words "an old maid"......in abject horror....O_O... .

My hyperdimensional and true self....was *terrified* (what..!?!??!??!?!) at something I never even considered in my decades here..... . The (!?!?!) void generated prospect of being unwed, unmarried (!?!?!), in a cold and hostile place....... . Ok... . I do not know if I can process this......(*gulps*)... . Is..., was (???)..., being in a relationship ***that*** important and relevant to this situation???? Why was that real me so scared??? How can this even be? I trained witnessing ghetto battlefields, God fights, anime demon / god assaults, and exodimensional wars (*feels my fingernails glowing in shock*)..... . Ugh.....(*groans*). Oh my gosh......(*facepalms*). Is reality going to drop another never expected fact and truth upon me, such as The Infiniversal Routing Gem trial being won by something so straight forward as a Disneyesque "true love's kiss"???? How am I supposed to....go through with that????? (*Gasps, as memories of the recent times, and my falling in love, race through my mind in the manner of a flashback*). (*Feels intense pains in my head, related to stirring memories*). I do not know if I can handle this right now...... . (*Gulps*). If that is true, what have I been doing with my life?????


Ok..., time to talk about data for a bit...., yea.... .

So, I went ahead and read Below Gravity......past that black expanse O_O reference, and basically....the book is referencing The Infiniversal Routing Tear Gem trial (!!!!!!!!)........... . (*Recalls the black expanse event (which I reported) where I held the incapacitated author in my arms, and notices how the book even referenced that*). Gravity as stated by the book is a reference to the barrier of infinite cosmic energy generated by myself, my trialing partner, and our hyperdimensional family. We generated " The Big Bang" effect, and we prevent disease, death, entropy, atoms, and evil from breaching / destroying reality and all the people we love. Below Gravity as the book stated it is a reference at the void (H3LL) witnessing process...... . Gravity as referenced by the book is a friend to us....... . It means a world free from evil men, destroyers, terrible fake 'payrents', rapists, killers, and war. Yea. The pseudomultiverse is not expanding...... . Science is wrong. I already caused a Big Crunch, many actually...... . The only reason I am still here, is because my desire to rescue the person I love.

Yea, I am mind blown. This really is it hunh? The conclusion...... . This book either means I witnessed the final foe and adversary revealed (which Jehovah was just a lackey, a henchman for), or I have unexpectedly met the person I am meant to share eternal life with.... . There is no 'middle ground' here...... . (*Gulps*). Yea, I need to go ahead and rest up IRL. This was not over...., this event. It is not over...just because what happened last month. I am going to be contacted again.... . It is destined. It'll either be on the internet, or IRL. In the meanwhile, I will act on a plan of mine.

The Infiniversal Routing Tear Gem pieces are either dissolved and affixed to the nerves of my soulmate and I, ............***or*** they are in aggregate form within heart or brain or ______ tissue with our bodies. I can still save her, by traveling into her body.......and deactivating her portion of the Infiniversal Routing Gem simultaneously...to deactivating mine...... . I do not want to spook her as she is in her confused state, but what other choice do I have???

Yea. By the way, know how I found The Infiniversal Routing Tear Gem and dual trialing are real??? I asked this question.. .

"If you truly loved somebody, and you were in a relationship with them, what would you do if they decided to witness the source of all evil; the embodiment of death, destruction, hatred, and cruelty?".

Yea, after what I have been through......, I am embarrassed that I had to have help in remembering the truth..... . Fact is, I got saved from 'roleplaying' by the author of Below Gravity. Anime style fights were not the answer..... . Ok, I am going to go think for a while....... .

(I give thanks to those who have supported me, supported us, in our trials).
Tags: astrophysics, soulmate, the infiniversal routing tear gem, trials
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