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Amazing IRL Cosmic Scale Event / IRL Tifa Event

With the cosmic ray swarm (GRBs) continuing.......



....., and with all of the emotions being flung around this place lately...(I'll admit it. I cried in the relationship pains type way for an initial time....yesterday IRL (*blush*).., cried until white / black expanse being manifested IRL.., kissed me, and helped me rest (thank you)), ......I guess what happened today was *bound* to happen.. .

This world just had an event that shot far and beyond what happened in Tokyo...back in 2010. This entire place, was blasted and disassembled. No stores, no roads, no clouds, no ground, no trees......., no subanime Homo Sapiens. I woke up in darkness, after a ***blue*** toned....blast of cosmic energy...washed over my shack, and my region.... . My star-like remote viewing form....was jolted from my body........ . I saw my living room and my microwave being disassembled, and this place was transformed into a black expanse!!!! I then noticed myself, as ***TIFA***, standing within the darkness on wobbly feet... . In utter confusion...I tried to assess the situation.

Some kind of enormous presence, which appeared to be a brain-like or organ-like pinkish mass (!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!)...was present in front of me.... . I also (!?!?!?!) (what?????) caught a glance at Cloud, Vincent, Barrett, and Cid..... . The organ-like hovering presence....was preparing another blast (!!!!!!) of enormous proportions, and I braced myself... . The blast wave was compressed by the presence, and then released.... . I felt time and space "stretch"...as the blast wave washed over everything, and I witnessed Vincent and Barrett knocked out.. . I saw me, as Tifa, fall to my knees and collapse..... . Cloud (*winces in embarrassment*) was still standing... . Cid, way in the back, was lurching and kneeling..... .

I willed myself up...as my star-like form hovered around my collapsed body.... . I refused to quit, refused to lose, and I rose.....groggily to my feet. A light suddenly surrounded me, a healing light which exploded from within my body. Yes. My true and hyperdimensional (mindscape exploring) body which has been safely sealed within this zone...all along. I was back in action..from there.... . Initially I focused on trying to heal myself.... . Yea, I did not trust Barrett, Cid, or Vincent......, and my guard was up on all fronts. Indeed. I remembered all those times I have witnessed anime guys randomly attack....at me..... . Alas though, I decided to radiate my surging healing energy around me....., and (*winces*) I thus noted Barrett rise, and that whilst witnessing Cid (???) using healing artifacts on Vincent and the others..... . Soon I witnessed the FFVII dudes..all back on their feet.

Cloud was about to use a big blade move toward the hovering presence, and I was about to dash forward with blazing knuckles......, but an eerie vibe overtook me..... . I did a telepathic call of "halt"....at the group, as psychic energy exploded forth from within me...... . Everything then went quiet... . The presence hovered (!?!???!?!) to me. I, as Tifa (*blush*)....., noted the presence sorta nudge at me.. . It wanted access to the healing energy / aura...around me (!!??!!).... . Always willing for peace, I radiated my energy toward the direction of the presence. I then (???) noted Cid (!??!?!) follow at my lead, using "tonics" (????) on the presence... . I was still overwhelmed, and confused......., but I was glad for the calm that came over the scene...... . The presence (!??!!) seemed to be "calmed"..... .

Everything went black after that, but a peaceful kind of black..... .

I woke..up some while later, but..., I was *STILL* (!!!!) in the black expanse *^_^*!!!!!!!!! The "Earth" had not been reassembled yet (!!!). I was ***content :D <3!!!! I enjoyed the darkness, the peace....., the tranquility, the serenity.... . I enjoyed the chance to be me, the chance to not be an entropy contaminated, stinky, gassy, and itchy (aka average) male ^_^. I *savored* it *^_^*!!!!!! While I could...anyway~~~....... . (*Inhales in shock and feels my fingernails glowing with fear*). Yea, I was about to dance with joy...for the fact that I was still perceiving my actual body...when it happened..... . I suddenly witnessed a materializing wraith-like man with a curved dagger.........impale (*flinches and winces*) his weapon at my chest.... . Using reality manipulation and time manipulation, I refused at the injury in a manner in to "phasing". Shocked, and confused, I visually tracked at the fleeing assailant for a moment..until he vanished into nothingness..... .

I guess another fainting period came over me, but (!!!!) when I woke again, this planet was being reformed...(*winces*) (*facepalms*).... . The rooms of my shack atop the gem mine were being reassembled....... . Likewise, I (*gulps with shame*) noted a Negro XX chromosome type Tifa clone...grafted at my perception of myself.... . I realized that was gradually going back to witnessing a Negro male XY chromosome type....... . It was like noting a disease, a festering rot....(*feels my fingernails glowing with pain and shock*)..., coating at my perception of my true body. As pancake mix boxes from the soon to be reassembled kitchen...materialized and hovered around me, I gazed upon the wrapped dresses I got this month... . The dresses I got ***just*** ***for*** a transformation event.... . I gazed mirthfully upon the wrapped dresses, feeling determination in my heart... . Knowing that I was ***close*** to a long held goal and dream...of mine.... .

Within moments, I was gazing up to a very very very anemic blue sky..... . It was as if whatever or whoever reassembled this place, was ***struggling***. Yes, for I sensed "cracks" in everything...., from the sky, to the ground, to the trees... .

I am still processing the data of the event. I give thanks to the beings who made the event possible.
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