Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
Jag Yggdrasil

Analyzing Yesterday's Event / Questions

After what happened yesterday, permanent effects have taken place ^_^.

In an effort to be truthful though, I must admit that I am still baffled about what happened.... . This is for sure though..... . The "locked up" status that has gripped this zone since 2004...has underwent a shift (!!!!????!!!!).

That "brain" from yesterday, ***was*** *real***.... . That was IRL (!!!!!). Question is, ***whose*** brain was it???

Was it my brain??? Was it a sacral brain of mine????

Was it the brain of a dual trialer...., if there even is a dual trialer in this particular trialing case???

Also, where was Yuffie???? Did the brain belong to Yuffie???

Who underwent that surge event...attested by those ***enormous*** cosmic blasts????? If not me, then there indeed ***HAS*** to be another trialer. (Yea, and they should have had seizure activity IRL, and both before....and.....after that surge event). (*Checks my tongue for bite signs*). (!!!!!!!!!!!). (No bite signs).

Those are the questions I must answer..... .

Meanwhile, I have been writing about and illustrating new organ systems (*blushes*) I have found about..... . Yea. It is true. XX chromosome types of the fake binary model....can not even give a frame of reference to actual female anatomy and physiology (or psychology, for that matter). XX chromosome types lack at entire organ systems possedssed by actual females, and *all* of the functional capacities of every organ system I have learned about and / or observed.... . That said, I have to write and illustrate today.

Oh. I had a Christmas related event take place in the hyperdimensional plane ^_^. I was trying to make cookie dough shapes with my family (whom I perceived as fuzzy shapes), but my motor coordination was wonky (*winces*). After totally slipping up in trying to make Christmas tree shaped cookies (*blush*), which looked like drumsticks by the time I was done, I felt overwhelmed with joy and mirth ^_^. It was then...I manifested a new ability (!?!?!) to generate star-like red and white fairy dust in my hands. I showered my stardust on the cookies, and all over the floor of the room we were in...., and (!!???!!!) for a flash instant (!?!?!) I saw the actual.....and 'boyfriend' free (!!?!?!?!) Sailor Scouts......O_O....., as well as me pictured above (with golden hair). (*Gulps*). My eyesight then shut down, whilst my empathy awoke.....to perceive an utterly delicious world of love, and a radiant and loving family free from hatred. I told them, my real friends / family.......that I love them, and I thsnk them for being in my life.
(*Remembers seeing (????) a girl with blonde hair next to me*).

I give thanks to my friends for supporting me on my quest. What happened yesterday shall have ***enormous*** effects for this world irl. The question is, what effects???
Tags: anatomy, mindscape, physiology, questions, surge event
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