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Below Gravity And The Potential House Move / Her Surge Event, Her Quake???

I was reading BG when I heard a truck zooming up the mountain....... . Surmising it was the mail truck, I walked in front my shack to get me mail. Yep, it was the mail truck with Below Gravity II and III. Walking back in, my phone was buzzing.... . I was like "oh no", just ***knowing*** it would be (*raises my eyebrows*) scripted world stuff..... . I was prepared to be spooked as I picked up the phone, and I was proven right....... .

I took photos so I can not be called crazy.

Like clockwork, THE VERY ***MINUTE*** BGII and BGIII arrived, Dawn (the "house owner") texted...about the house inspection taking place later that evening (!?!?!?!). That....after more two weeks of noting silence from the inspection agency!!!!!!!

Yea, then this took place (*facepalms*) a bit later as I was still stunned..... . Yea, a followup to "her" predicted August quake...... .


Her surge event Monday, her quake today???? And Italy again too??? (I mentioned sensing cracks the other day, so I expect bigger quakes around the world soon).

Ok... . I am confused.. . How could this be happening???!

Well, (*sighs*) if this house thing happens (by way of passed inspection) (*feels my scalp buzzing / tingling*) tomorrow, it will be for her..... . If Monday's surge event was hers, she will note homelessness imposed at her (just like I did). She will witness, like clockwork, that fake family getting inexplicably and blatantly hostile (just like I did). She will even have seizures due to the enormous amounts of cosmic energy upon her (just like I did). Yea, this house, if it happens, will be for her. Yea, I do not want to be autistic..... . Just because I do not understand how this could be happening, does not mean I will let myself "shut down" and "go into a shell"...... . I am not going to throw tantrums here. Yea.. . I'm confused. I'm overwhelmed.... . But I am going to suck it up, and try to behave with some dignity and integrity.
I will not let myself be guilty of the sin.......of rejecting at a living soul in need of a sanctuary....when and if I have it to provide...... .
Tags: moving, quake, sanctuary, surge event, trials
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