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Moving And Health Update / Cash Dump

My teammate contacted me telepathically last night, so this update is solely for my teamie.

A 350$ check from a local, and a 300 dollar check from that charity organization were handed at me yesterday O_O.

Then, I was treated to Shoney's by Aves and Anne last night after they took time off from work O_O to help me move.... . I was basically begged to goto the hospital, and to also goto the doctors to fight the SSI review... . After a heart event yesterday, they said that I can not be expected to hold a job. They said they did not want me to die.

I thought about it.... . But mainly I thought about my teamie.... . Yea, dying does not prove anything. Too, this house is so neat......., I just know it could help my friend...... . So, I decided to setup a month full of noting 'doctor' 'appointments'. (I will still refuse at any surgeries at my eyes or heart though). Yea, I will do this for my teamie......(*feels my fingernails glow with dedication*).

Well, my decision was met with a trippy glitch. After being contacted by my teamie last night, I woke to unexplained free money, a free month, at my storage account (!?!!).

Yea teamie, I think everything will be okay :). I want you to relax. I didn't intend drama yesterday. Thanks for contacting me last night. (*Wonders what that book was...that you showed me*).

I give thanks to all my friends for helping me in my quest, and in life.
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