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Dual Trialer Mental Synchronization

Ok, so the house move is done.


So, what now?

It looks like I have to directly synchronize with and communicate with the beautiful hyperdimensional lady with the book seen in March......... . That is what my heart tells me. As shocked as I am to admit it, I am undergoing the void witnessing trial with my soulmate....., and working together with her...is the ***only*** key to moving on from here. However, a grave issue has popped up..... . A grave perceptual issue.

When I perceive *any* hyperdimensional being nowadays, I usually witness false information grafted at my sight / hearing.... .

It looks like I truly did got contacted by my trialing partner, as this house and the evidence.....*all* attest..... . However, *my* data processing capacities fell short....... . This is quite serious...... .

This means, even if a map flip happened, if I were to perceive Pokemon anime Dawn grafted at my perception of my soulmate Dawn......the hyperdimensional Dawn, I would thus note stereotypical anime Dawn.....and stereotypical anime drama...for quite some time. (((That, ***unless*** a mental synchronization of sorts were to take place...where there would be a bypass at the interference posed by the anime entity))).

This trial is *not* easy, that much is obvious..... . The question now is, what should I do???

I need to meet up with her....as I saw her in March (in her beyond anime state)..., but the question is how???

Is there maybe an irl proximity thing involved too??

Well, I know this much (and it only applies to that hyperdimensional being who loved me and still loves me)..... . A loving relationship O_O.......got me into this trial, and only a loving (*gawks*) relationship can get me up from it......(*inhales and sighs*). That is why I am so nervous.... . I actually have to rely on another (*facepalms*)........(*sighs*). (What a vulnerable feeling.......).

I am going to try to pray for a miracle..... . I do not know what else to do..... .

*Prays for some means for the beautiful hyperdimensional being seen in March.....and I......to communicate with each other again*.
Tags: hyperdimensional lifeforms, infiniversal routing tear gem, relationship matters, soulmate, trials
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