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Life Plans And Situational Update

*Arrives after reading this https://heartiste.wordpress.com/2016/11/14/cognitive-dissonance-narcissistic-rage-and-psychological-projection-the-trifecta-of-liberal-neuroses/ *.

Today is the day I chose to witness 'doctors'... . (*Gazes to the weather state of Western NC*). Whatever happens, my guilt, my conscience, is eased... . Too, I am ecstatic about my weather control abilities being proven. Maybe I will note the SSI review just dropped after my latest demonstration......, if not, I guess this planet is done...... . I wonder how my abilities will behave today.... . I wonder what my hyperdimensional allies will do as well...... .

Oh yea. I noted the ark I mentioned at last month referenced at (by an angry Seth) this weekend. My visions about the ark have ebbed, but I will continue with my plans. I theorize Seth is just a hallucinogenic obstacle imposed at my perception of that good and sweet little woman who loves me, the woman with the book from March.... . Yea, it is not coincidence that I note most Fictionkin / Otherkin / "Bonders" tend to be "fan" "type" XX chromosome types.....that chronically sell and promote sadistic men......whilst repeatedly ignoring at the virtues of feminine beauty......and feminine / peaceful worlds.. .

Yea. Me? I am going to see about noting the SSI review dropped so that I can maintain an irl sanctuary for my dual-trial teammate. It is an act of sacrifice, for sure, but that is what love is about. The only reason I am going to witness doctors, is in the seemingly slim chance that by next year that I have a certain SD visitor (my teammate) irl to this house....... . A best case scenario....would involve me using my music studio and Sapphire / Ruby collection to trigger an irl surge event with said person, and a consequent map flip event.....; yes, an event by after which....my hunch could be proven..... . Yes. My hunch that my teamie has and had been witnessing a Negro male or male pov for decades.....just like me, and is just as tired and disgusted at evil men.....as me. (*Recalls how beautiful and pure she was in March, and also recalls the Starry Maiden LJ post and event*). (*Feels certain that I witnessed falsified information imposed at her, as is usually the case when I perceive hyperdimensional beings with my struggling data processing levels*).

Yea. I pray I am not a fool....for doing this (*wipes the right side of my face upon unexpectedly feeling a falling tear*). I hope I am not making a mistake.... . I only want what's best for the woman I love.

I give thanks to the beings who have unceasingly supported me in my every step. I pray that what is best for my marriage partner and our...hyperdimensional family may take place. I have faith. (*Feels a white glow in my heart*). (*Feels tears from topside (???) / the upper realms.....trickling down my face up there*).
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