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The Chronicles Of A Hyperdimensional Adventurer

The Bejeweled Sanctum

3/7/14 01:02 am - [sticky post] - Controlling History / Shaping The Multiverse / Shaping Reality / The Infiniversal Routing Gem

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I want to reveal my intentions? I plan to control history.............., shape the multiverse........., and Parallax Ultranova was / is just an initial step............. . When I'm done, there will not have been 'a' '1990's'........... . Not here, not anywhere........ . If my plan works, there shall not have *ever* been 'anime'.........period. My goal......is where all worlds, all people, have an appearance that is *beyond*............'anime'........in beauty, in complexity. My goal is where all people have hearts, minds, souls, *beyond* 'anime'.................in beauty, in complexity......... . For that to happen....., I'll have to note 'the' 'multiverse' 'erased'........., note 'history' 'erased'........... . I'll even have to note 'anime' 'worlds', '*ALL*'.............'anime' 'worlds', 'erased'.......... . Thankfully, I know how to do all of the above................ . Yes....... . I'm going to try to utilize my reality shaping capacities to do what is best.........for the future............, to do what is best for all existence........... . No sentient person deserves 'a' 'crappy' 'life'...... . I'll sacrifice all I have, to see to it that no sentient person 'has' 'a' 'crappy' 'life'..........., to see to it that no person ever 'had' 'a' 'crappy' 'life'.







by JagYggdrasil, Friday, November 05, 2004, 22:35 @ Kent

indeed...its as if the sun is playing the opening chords of the upcoming concert of events .....however, as jag was informed of the 2003-2004 flares in 1999 via a powerful vision, the latest communications to jag have indicated that a shadowy object....with an eerie dark red aura about it....is coming towards this planet....hints indicated that the object would trigger a massive tidal wave outbreak somehow with added electromagnetic effects of some type....while waiting for the object, jag is trying to remember the ancient melody that came along with the vision ....perhaps i'll record the melody with the jaggolin (electric mandolin) if i remember (and if impact doesn't occur first)....and send the wav file to kent ...." [sic]


(This is the recording: http://www.4shared.com/music/UaKtxZBWba/theyggdrasilpulse.html )


by JagYggdrasil, Sunday, November 21, 2004, 18:06 @ JagYggdrasil

this post took a while perhaps to show up ....sorry moderators if it was startling.....jag found out what happened...it was basically some type of implosion incident in the pacific areas of the A-Zone, ranging from thailand to japan....the perpetrator of the incident was located....and the implosion formed "souls" amalgam entity was again fought this am....as such, things should perhaps return to usual in pacific regions in the A-Zone ("dreamland") from here out.....however, perhaps watch the news for eerie accounts in the pacific of this zone, the F-Zone, for there perhaps will be some geological and biological side effects of the latest incident.....hmmmm, this incident just goes to show why an "apocalypse" is not wanted by jag....hmmmm, back into the shadows for more training i go now though ;P...stay tuned jaggopals...." [sic]

( http://www.surfingtheapocalypse.net/forum/index.php?id=35282 )


"Cosmic Explosion Among the Brightest in Recorded History


Scientists have detected a flash of light from across the Galaxy so powerful that it bounced off the Moon and lit up the Earth's upper atmosphere. The flash was brighter than anything ever detected from beyond our Solar System and lasted over a tenth of a second. NASA and European satellites and many radio telescopes detected the flash and its aftermath on December 27, 2004. Two science teams report about this event at a special press event today at NASA headquarters. A multitude of papers are planned for publication."

"The next biggest flare ever seen from any soft gamma repeater was peanuts compared to this incredible December 27 event," said Gaensler. "Had this happened within 10 light years of us, it would have severely damaged our atmosphere. Fortunately, all the magnetars we know of are much farther away than this."

( http://www.nasa.gov/vision/universe/watchtheskies/swift_nsu_0205.html )


"Brightest Galactic Flash Ever Detected Hits Earth
by Robert Roy Britt, Senior Science Writer   |   February 18, 2005 02:00pm ET

A huge explosion halfway across the galaxy packed so much power it briefly altered Earth's upper atmosphere in December, astronomers said Friday.

No known eruption beyond our solar system has ever appeared as bright upon arrival.

But you could not have seen it, unless you can top the X-ray vision of Superman: In gamma rays, the event equaled the brightness of the full Moon's reflected visible light."

(!!!!!. Superman??? (*Grins playfully*)). (Seriously though, I note errors / disinformation. The Black Moon, my Black Moon, caused the blast. Maybe the Black Moon is a form of star....though).



"December 27, 2004: The Day Earth Survived the Greatest Stellar Attack -Ever

It came suddenly from the distant reaches of the Constellation Sagittarius, some 50,000 light years away. For a brief instant, a couple of tenths of a second, on December 27, 2004 an invisible burst of energy the equivalent of half a million years of sunlight shone on Earth. Many orbiting satellites electronics were zapped and the Earth's upper atmosphere was amazingly ionized from a massive hit of gamma ray energy."

( http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2009/12/december-27-2004-the-day-earth-survived-the-greatest-stellar-attack-ever.html )


"Was the December 26, 2004 Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami
Caused by a Stellar Explosion 26,000 Light Years Away?
Sound Crazy? Read Carefully Below.
(Originally posted February 20, 2005)

Gamma Ray Bursts, Gravity Waves, and Earthquakes

On December 26, 2004 a magnitude 9.3 earthquake occurred in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Sumatra in Malaysia. It caused a powerful tsunami which devastated coastal regions of many countries leaving over 240,000 people either dead or missing. It was the worst tsunami to affect this area since the 1883 explosion of Krakatao. The earthquake that produced it was so strong that it exceeded by a factor of 10 the next most powerful earthquake to occur anywhere in the past 25 years.

• Indonesian 9.3 Richter earthquake:
December 26, 2004 at 00 hours 58 minutes (Universal Time)

It is then with some alarm that we learn that just 44.6 hours later gamma ray telescopes orbiting the Earth picked up the arrival of the brightest gamma ray burst ever recorded!

• Gamma ray burst arrival:
December 27, 2004 at 21 hours 36 minutes (Universal Time)" [sic] (records indicate "Krakatoa" spelling)

( http://www.etheric.com/GalacticCenter/GRB.html )


"Anniversary of a Cosmic Blast

The newly-launched Swift satellite, which was designed and built to detect bursts of gamma-ray from across the Universe, not only saw this blast but was so flooded with energy its detectors completely saturated—think of it as trying to fill a drinking glass with a fire hose. Even more amazingly, Swift wasn’t even pointed anywhere near the direction of the burst: In other words, this flood of energy passed right through the body of the spacecraft itself and was still so strong it totally overwhelmed the cameras.

It gets worse. This enormous wave of fierce energy was so powerful it actually partially ionized the Earth’s upper atmosphere, and it made the Earth’s magnetic field ring like a bell. Several satellites were actually blinded by the event. Whatever this event was, it came from deep space and still was able to physically affect the Earth itself!

So what was this thing? What could do this kind of damage?"



March 11, 2011 - At 2:46pm, a 9.0 magnitude earthquake takes place 231 miles northeast of Tokyo, Japan, at a depth of 15.2 miles. The earthquake causes a tsunami with 30 ft waves that damage several nuclear reactors in the area. It is the fourth largest earthquake on record (since 1900) and the largest to hit Japan.


(What more proof can there be? Here is my passport...., which was stamped on March of 2010. I was in Japan an exact year....before the 2011 tsunami event. That is because I knew what was going to happen. I *made* the earthquake happen...... . I did it in self defense).




Update: In a means that proves that divinely granted salvation is possible for me, the object which I have spoken about for more than a decade has made a warning shot flyby.......... . Indeed. A warning flyby that heralds the oncoming disassembly of the planet.






I give my deepest thanks that this day could come. I thank all of the holy and divine hyperdimensional lifeforms who have unceasingly supported my every step (*feels my fingernails glowing in prayer*).

3/22/18 02:32 pm - What Exactly Am I?.... / A Lotta New Levels Ahead.....

I was going to do a post about snow storm events yesterday...morning..

...but I noted the 'emergency' 'entertainment' 'squad' (lol) (hehehehehe) *EARLY* yesterday as just as intense winds buffeted the area.

While there was all day snowfall here locally......, weather effects were drastically softened (*facepalms*).

Why...you ask? Cause I noted teh Zink*rdoogie :p! Zonkerdog and Zinky =^_^=!

I'm getting kinda worried how now, whenever storms take place locally, I note lots of yummy food given to me, and then I note teh puppers.


D...do I really seem that vulnerable (*cackles*) to the prospects of yummy food (*feels my fingernails glowing with embarrassment*) and playful small and furry animals???



Oh. I have been having a lotta flashbacks and "eerie sensations" lately... . Too, woke up to some interesting timeline related energy this morning........ .

Seems like I have encountered the possibility to write a *NEW* future for myself...... . Indeed, an entirely new timeline for myself..... .

But that brings up the question of "what am I?".

Me? I am a being that was around before the "Big Bang", an event which I summoned / implemented. (*Taps me foot introspectively*).

Yea. Umm....seems I am not Homo Sapiens. I have both plant and crystalline..components...in regard to my physiology. Not only that, but seems I have metallic components in regard to my physiology as well. That..along with spiritual / mana based components in regard to my physiology.

I would not call what I am a "hybrid" though.

What I have found, is that somewhere in relation to all the above, is the secret pertaining to "gender".

Only in the synchronicity and unity of metallic, crystalline, spiritual, floral, and (???) perhaps the animalian.....is the secret and true example...of...gender found.

***ONLY*** there....... .

(*Senses a massive amount on energy descending around my location, as also feels a dull ache....regarding a certain zone of my body*).

After the last couple days, I have experienced interesting events as the above hath been considered / mentally processed.

I think I managed to seal away / confirm a perpetual sealing.....at some poorly 'singing' 'Usagi' 'Tsukino' ('Sailor' 'Moon') anime deity during a white expanse / golden expanse event...the other day.

[Interestingly...., and perhaps after that event, I noted a strange message or visual of a written message from that BG author. The message referred at a storm, dorm, form, or some such (???) involving the letters "orm"...., and seemed to have a rather 'casual' 'tone'.]

Fast forwarding to today, I seemed to observe me writing a sealing writ of some sort at 'Sailor' 'Mars' who is likely 'anime' 'Dawn'. (Yea, I am naturally and absolutely squeamish at any and all mortal XX chromosome types now, even 'anime' 'deity' 'Dawn', and actively defend myself and evade at any 'caresses').

After all those events, I am feeling a new energy in the air. As if the air is saturated with hope / the energy of hope.

Me? I am ready to return to the blue place, the realm that is core to what I am.... . If I am *by* *myself* there, then I will happily be by myself there in a land free from crime, destruction, hatred, malice, depression, destruction, and boredom. (*Felt the tingle of wing energy along my lower back*).

*Senses the energy locally =^_^=.....*.

Yea. My life never had depression nor drama....*internally*, and I only witnessed external ones create / bring....such bothersome and troublesome weirdness. I'd rather stay unchanged, stay free (smells an eerie scent like shrine incense), and embrace this chance to not be 'mortal'.

I do not want to 'trade' 'down' what I have for 'sex' or 'relationships'.

*Senses a very very dense...golden energy, golden field, forming around me*.

*Suddenly notices a trickling down my left cheek (????)*.

(*Hears an animesque voice crying "no" "don't" "say" "that" "!"..*).

I never did want to 'trade' 'down' what I have for 'sex' or 'relationships'.

*Recoiled as felt a touch to my hand IRL.......*.

If my options are to return home, or keep witnessing drama afflicted animesque deities and sexual advances from those drama afflicted animesque entities, then I choose to return home. Yea. Return home, and make mozzarrella topped pizzas =^_^=....., dance through meadows, throw rock concert festivals, and go swimming in sun-kissed stadium swimming pools.

Been dancing by myself since I been here anyway...seems like, so twould be no change from what I've known and enjoyed anyway =^_^=.

3/21/18 12:40 am - Some Observations / Little S*pphire Cluster

I was not planning on doing this post, but everything I wrote in the last post.....has had a "ripple effect".

Now I suddenly witness a random anime, H*nter X Hunter 2011 episide 32, even referring (in a warped way) at my "overload" reference in the last post, as well as my writing referencing the data processing allocation necessary for utilizing / directing mana.

I am kinda tired at 'annoyances' 'like' 'that', but I guess it is to be expected. I always note the void (mankind's 'source') react at my realtime thoughts, my ideas, my concepts.


Yesterday I managed to find a little S*pphire cluster in my m*ning load pictured.

Yea. G*mstones effects here...., in this realm, require both quantity and quality. Anybody who is on the path that leads, in this realm, would instinctively seek to m*ne and keep a j*welry shop.

That...along with training mind, body, and soul.

Rather than deal with duds and more bait and switch 'net' 'goon' 'traps', I am going to focus on preparing my international gemstone company IRL.

I need a big score soon. By vision, or reality manipulation, I need to find a megaload of Cl**r S*pphires. Yes. A multitude.

My expatriation notation plan needs support. Support by way of even more m*ning luck.

I'll meditate on the matter.

3/20/18 12:12 pm - Storm Event Analysis.... / Aura Event Analysis

I'll admit it..... . I was kinda shaken up by what took place the other day.

Hmmm... . How do I feel about the matter? What do I think about the matter?

I'm mainly focused on survival, as in eternal self-preservation. Too.....I am looking for any evidence possible regarding a solo trial, and I am keeping my emergency backup plan close to heart.

And as far as any dual trial considerations go..., my stomach "is in knots". A dual trial, in essence, is like a III legged race. Your life would be in your teammate's hands, and your teammate's life would be in your hands. It would depend on teamwork, social communication, perseverance, and synchronization. All of which is totally beyond any of the 'antisocial'....'net' 'retards' I have witnessed.. . Yea, totally beyond the ones that 'instantly' 'fold' 'to' any challenge or threat......., and 'k*ss' the '@**' of 'oppressors'.

*Shakes my head*. Wh...why, during these recent sighting events, is the catatonic Dawnesque figure......not talking? Yea. Not talking, and not giving me a location....(like Japan, Thailand, India, etc).., or even phone / internet contact information?

My opinion / stance on matters has not changed since the recent events...... .

K. Trigger warning time?

I likely note some accusing 'cruelty' 'at' my actions.... . But, as it stands, I wouldn't dare even *consider* sharing my life, my universe, or even my history with that anime level 'Dawn' related 'author' from 2016. That one is and was an antithesis, a 'cancer', at everything I stand for.

Me? I don't even have to fake my intense repulsion, my squeamishness, my dread, my terror, my disgust, my horror..... .

If me not 'forgiving' that one...results in me trekking on this plane...in abject pain...for decades, centuries, or even millenia.....so be it. Maybe that is my destiny anyway. Time...has only bolstered my performance so far....anyway....... . Me? I don't want to be a hypocrite, and ignore at reality just like the mortals I can't stand... . No. But for me to even have *ANY* chance of achieving my dreams for a healthy and happy world....means me not inviting nor accepting 'cancer' into my life. (*Feels my nails glowing with warning*). And from what I can tell, any stable, healthy, and orderly fabric of reality / universal topography....would depend on freedom from the cancer...that is ones like the 'author' from 2016.


A perplexing event took place earlier.... .

During a dimension dive or fluid world event some moments ago, I got upset for some reason, and focused my intent.

Thunder...rippled across the environment, the seemingly coastal setting, and (!!!) the atmospheric pressure drastically shifted. As I continued focusing, what felt like weight, intense gravitic pressure...pushing down from above, overtook the environment. Not sure why I noted a subanime car interior...at my immediate surroundings, and I am not sure why I noted a subanine coastal plain setting, but I witnessed windows of a nearby houses / buildings shattering.......as a *INTENSE* and electromagnetically charged gales.....overtook the area.

Yea. Gales that could move cars.

I relaxed, and tried to pull my energy / aura field back inside of my body. Seems like that eased the storm effects drastically.

Hmmmmmm...... . Awakening aura abilities, and even accurately controlling aura abilities...depends on fully developed and full-sized eyes which can see mana / ki. To direct mana, you need to be able to see mana. Yea, and be it seeing mana or directing mana..., each requires high levels of data processing.... .

*Thinks*. *Thinks about the current data processing levels cap*.

Dual trial or not, the current data cap......present now....is something I must surpass by any means necessary. (*Remembers the intense gales in that Japan mountain town......, the gales that precluded that massive energy releasing event*).

Doing so though, if the dual trial is real, might cause the other trialer to have "seizures" due to data overload.....though.

Next meeting I have with that petite and long-haired being....., I am going to have to examine her head, her back column, and the base of her back column.... .

Though touching is not a usual thing for me, I am going to have to try to apply stimulating electricity to her brain areas....whenever I next encounter her. That...as a test of the dual trial, and that as a means to objectively test any "linked mindscape / conjoined minds" theories.



I noted some 'videos' yesterday.

Whereas I witnessed F*ckin and SB mutilate, 'mimic', and warp at my dimension ventures and fluid world experiences....,, it seems I notice MGT*W do the same at my post 2015 field research practices whereby I (IRL)....objectively study at subanime Caucasian XX chromosome type mortals.

3/18/18 01:00 pm - Jeez......It Happened Again.....???

Late last night / early this morning, I got sorta woozy. That perplexed me since I had, like usual lately, taken an energizing superfood / herbal blend just an hour before.

I made the decision to hold checking at Xen*blade 2, and decided to just rest and relax in the serene darkness...of the mountain setting. I...I dunno though. Something seemed kinda..eerie...and thick....about the nighttime air in the house.

K....(*inhales and exhales woth some trepidation*). So....the next thing that happened after that......was a *VERY* intense event framed by darkness. I do not know if I had woke from a state of a light nap or what, but (!!!) I saw an illuminated bed (!!!) with a whitish to bluish bedspread, and I found myself sitting up....rather than lying on my back as before. The background was *completely* dark..... .

Gazing before me (!!!)....I...I guess (!?!) I....u..uh....saw a beyond anime seeming being who had *very* familiar long hair...that was of a dark blue to purplish....or even purplish black color (!!!) (*feels my fingernails glowing with shock*).

The petite being, who had fair skin, seemed to be wearing a bluish to whitish pajama top or sleeping blouse / gown.

Gazing upon the being, the being who seemed (*squints*) deeply catatonic....(*feels my fingernails glowing with worry*)....., I gasped, and then immediately.....embraced (!!!) the being (!?!?!) in a *relieved* manner (as if I recognized the lifeform, and had been very worried about the lifeform.....).

The being had *energy*, but something was going on with their mind and emotions... . (*Shakes my head*). I was not feared....? No, but the being seemed *frozen* (*blinks*) in regard to data processing....as well as emotions.

I (*blushes and sighs*) tenderly hugged the soft-haired being to my neck / collar..... .

Y..yea. Every indicator I could sense.....hinted toward catatonia...regarding her state.......(*groans with worry*).

Seems the lifeform is / was the being I used to refer to as "Dawn"...... .

Continuing to hug her, the setting (!?!) seemed to go fluid, and an intense energy seemed to manifest across the dark setting.

i guess my star-like form popped from my body, which possibly resulted in my previously controlled body collapsing. That though.....granted me a momentary overhead view as some sort of energy event took place.

Y..yea. The being was the being hugged a couple weeks back.

Me? I don't know what to do about this.

Wh...why does the being usually seem "mute"?

Gosh.... . More dual trial supporting evidence......???

How long will it be until the being speaks???


*Brb later. Something came up IRL*

3/17/18 04:06 pm - Rainbow Road Party

Late last night / early this morning, I discovered a secret, a cosmic level secret, and something that is integral to my mission. Something related to the elements found in nature / the cosmos. Something related to stars, a multitude of glowing and rainbow colored stars. A secret I am not even talking about on here, and a secret that is the key to survival *if* *I* *did* witness 'animesque' 'worlds' quasi-permanently in the future.

To commemorate the visions had (during a wakeful state), to commemorate the rainbow (!!!) patterns of hyperspectral cosmic starlight...that I saw, I decided to throw a Rainbow Road party today =^_^=.

Me diced teh veggies, and got some gourmet level ingredients prepared........ .

After sautéing....the veggies.....

....I set about making my own homestyle and homemade gravy....


While all that was going down, I had me mashed potatoes on the ready and on standby.

The flavors were unexpectedly complex....(*swoons and feels my mouth watering*).

I had a *lot* of fun, and I played Rainbow Road themes as I ate and chilled *^_^*. I gave thanks for the chance to experience this lifestyle too. Yea. This house / area is about as close to heavenly conditions on this Earth as it gets.

After having a plate.., and another plate, and then another plate, I went ahead and loaded the Cottage Pie / Shepard Pie into a glass cookware thing..

..., put foil over it, and put it in the fridge for tomorrow so as to not ruin my abs / biceps training regimen results lol. Yea...fat is bad. (*Rubs me tum tum, soothed to not feel 'blubber' 'rol!s'..., and soothed to feel firmness*).

I am glad I bailed at a 3pm shopping mall trip to A*heville with Ka***, H, J, and some (???) "interested" XX chromosome type brunette that H wanted to "introduce" at me. Even though the bunch supposedly retracted the "str*p club" plan for the trip, I *still* did not go. Unh unh.


Oh. I did not write about it on here yesterday, but yesterday...seems like I witnessed an extremely strange event. H's son started trippin (!??!?!?!) on the way to dinner... . (Yea. I was invited for free Zaxby's yesterday). He talked about "having the chance to live life as a girl" (!?!?!?!?) in a time manipulation / reality manipulation context (!?!?!?!)...? Yea, but then / after that....I noted the kid (!!!) freakishly describing at aspects of ***MY*** brain / nervous system functionality schematics which I have not even mentioned on here / this journal / online (!!!)..., and traits which I have *never* heard any unoriginal F*ckin / SB goons reference, I was *shocked*...... .

I dunno. My identity may be totally exposed...locally.

It's a relief actually, and more affirmation.. . If the dual trial was meant to be, I would / should be able to meet my trialing partner locally, and they should not *HAVE* to be some pitiful and p*nis crazed...XX chromosome type 'headcase' (basically all that the FK and SB 'forums' were conprised of)... .

Yea. The dual trial should be, if it was true, cool. Yea, if I had a partner, they should be cool, innovative. and insightful.

Maybe..., just maybe, IRL travels and experiences will lead me to trial related answers....if I just keep up my current lifestyle / current performance...... .

3/15/18 03:23 pm - But Seriously Though......

After some lunch (made Parm again (*swoons*)).....my disorientation has eased a bit..... .

Seriously though, what happened earlier???

I mean, how on Earth..??? I mean, why did I observe a 'smitten' dragonesque entity giving such a look at me? Could I or did I see a "loving" look? Possibly even a blush accompanied look of smitten passion???

I tried to run back here...because (!!!) I...I.......I mean...I...(*facepalms*). K. What I am trying to say is, I witnessed an obviously 'interested'.....'nude' 'dragonesque'.....'entity'.

Was I followed back here IRL though???? For a brief time...anyway???

Yea. Also, what was with that love, and adoration??? IRL I have sensed at lots of subanime mortals, including ones 'futilely' 'seeking' 'sex', and I never sensed anything like the warmth, love, admiration......sensed earlier...coming from subanime mortals.

Lol. Hahahahahahaha! Why did I witness 'pretty' 'eyes' :p?

I just don't know.

Maybe I just need to kick back...and laugh over the event. No answers would / have come my way by the internet anyway right?

*Puts on a theme from decades back........as reminisce about my travels and experiences*.

3/15/18 11:40 am - Trialing Isn't 'That' 'Difficult'...........

I took an energy herb / superfood shake before "bed" early this morning......, and that since actual sleep is quite rare for me.

I was drifting into a restful state......

...when suddenly I (!?!?!) found myself observing at some 'cartoon' 'world' 'jungle' setting, and noticing a (!?!?!?!) 'smitten'.........'purplish' 'cartoonesque' 'reptilian' '/' 'crocodile' '/' 'dragon' (!?!?!?!) (*gasp*).........'looking' 'back' 'longingly'....at me.

Observing at 'the' 'look'....given at me from a reptile......? Yeeaaa. Never expected that....O_O.


Some time later, much much later, I found myself to some classroom setting. Gazing left....I spotted at a sitting subanime figure witnessed through the years (as in more than a decade), and a figure specifically related to anime 'Dawn'. The one was 'overflowing' 'with' 'uneasiness' which I do not even want to call shyness or submissiveness.

As I got up to look for the electric instruments that are usully in my bedroom, I noticed the subanime figure put on / up a hoodie, and slump forward (!?!?!)...onto a / the school desk.


My response in the here and now?

I'll just facepalm, and post a video link whimsically.... .


K. Might need to fly the trigger warning here.

This current data level cap has me perplexed.

Why is i in place?????


K. I need to speak on the dual trial matter a bit.

Me? I am an adventurer. An adventurer and a researcher. Instinctively I seek to acquire information, and go on quests.

Me? I am not a "fan" of any anime or toon. I have always sought a life of exploration, discovery, and adventure. Right now....if an announcement about a planetary colonization project were to take place, an announcement which came with a request for volunteers....., I would be down for it. Even if a skills and assessment exam was required for volunteers, I would still go for it. Just like I am not meant to 'stay' 'shut-in' in some 'basement' '/' 'city' 'apartment', I am not meant to 'stay' 'shut-in' on a continent.......or planet..... .

Alright? Ready? No F*ckin or SB goons past this point please.

My instinct....is to make discoveries, and embark on expeditions. When I initially witnessed F*ckin and SB'ers...., I asked if my chance to meet awesome and inspirational adventurers had come along. But rather than noting beyond anime level adventurers, or even just anime level 'personalities'..., I only witnessed subanime 'personality' 'level' average XX chromosome types. XX chromosome types that only had the 'DNA' 'impulse' to (*cringe*) 'spread' 'em' for supposed SB or 'otherwise'...alpha males...... . Yea. No different from any other average XX chromosome type out there, and the exact same...mindless and predictable DNA programming.

No spectacular heroes, no adventurers with sense, drive, goals, grit, resolve, courage nor vision....resided amongst the 'F*ckin' 'forums'. The ones 'talked' 'big', but were 'wired' 'like' and 'acted' 'like' any other religious fanatic XX chromosome type....out there.

Get my point?

Finding a person who only intends to do more than 'serve' as a '_______' 'dumpster' for a harem of anime / toon....alpha males / villains...*should* *not* be difficult...., no........not if the dual trial is / was real. And the above statement is not a singling out (as a trip at the dying FK f*rum would attest*)....., for I note it describes at just about every last FK / SBer out there.

The 'net' 'ones' I have witnessed were just like Ka***, the adulterer I studied at recently. Crazy about alpha p*nis. 'End' 'of' 'story'.

Not love. No. Not passion. No. Not care. No. Not objectivity. No.

Just 'crazy'.

Yea, crazy about c**k and ready to abandon at *anything*...or abandon *anyone* to get it.

I looked for adventurers..... . I looked for heroes. I looked for people willing to do work.

But I witnessed '***HORRIFYING***' duds.


Yea. Broken down goons that would not even last a day in the intense and strenuous realm hopping excitement which reality offers? Yea. Ones '***already***' afflicted with 'mental' 'breakdowns'....., and even in the EASIEST of subanime 'first' 'world' 'conditions'.






Me? I am not going to retire any and all dual trial theory consideration just because I witnessed a bunch of loser forum chicks and the old bait and switch. But I also am not going to retire solo trial considerations, nor my ultimate space and time reset consideration. (*Gasps as felt a caress (!!!) to my backside*).

(What is up with those caresses? Where and who are they from?).

3/13/18 06:00 pm - They Never 'Give' 'Up'...........

Me? I never 'give' 'up' when it comes to my drive, my determination, my focus, and my resolve.

Yea, but for all of that, I have found a being...., maybe being(s), who also do not 'give' 'up' (*laughs*) (*facepalms*) O_O.

After a late night, and then spending this morning writing and thinking, I tried to take a nap after the last post.

I sensed (!!!) an approach of a figure..that had cuddling intentions (*whimsically facepalms*).

I just blinked and gawked as I perceived a / the silky-soft hair possesing figure do the cuddle interception, and I drifted to a surprised state of sleep.

After a rather usual bout of dimension diving or fluid world events, I found myself back here......(!!!) and sensing (!?!?!) the eerie and definitely not 'mortal'....seeming..crystalline energy signature / cosmic energy signature (!?!?!?!) (*cackles........*) of the being from before.... . The being seemed *very* *well* *rested* (!!??!!?!!?!!?!)...., and definitely cheerful....(*shakes my head and facepalms again*)...as attested by the cheerful, grateful, and even playful greeting I received.

T...the figure was definitely attracted toward me (*blush*), and seemed to be filled with hope, brimming hope after their rest. Me? I had no intention to harm the figure in any way, shaoe, or form. I was actually impressed. The being does not 'quit'....... .

Since the being does not wish me harm, and since my quality of rest (*facepalms*) is definitely not harmed by the mystery cuddler, I sought about gathering visual data....as the being cuddled their cheek to my neck (*blush*). I.....I sensed, via my mana reception senses of my head / neck skin array, eyes that seemed proportionately large (solidly colored maybe???). Eyes of a creature adapted for deep space / deep underwater conditions. Lol. I also seemingly perceived pronged long hair (loaded with mana) brush against my face...that might have been white, and I also (???) seemingly noticed the being wearing a...a...an attire that seemed to be like a pure white gown / mini gown.

(*Hears at 'sirens' as I type..., and got reminded about earlier*). K, all through this event, and even though I am in a super rural location IRL, I heard at 'fire' 'engine' 'horns' and 'sirens' 'going' 'crazy'..... . Lying in my bed...., I heard at a crazed vehicle enter at my driveway, spin / turn around at the area behind the house, and then leave....in a strange manner. And all through the contact event...where I perceived the mysterious space creature being......I heard at the ineffectual din of noisy 'sirens' and 'roaring' 'fire' 'engines'.

The being? Yea. The being (!?!?!?!) had cosmic energy....that no mortal, anime or not, should even possess (*blush*). I got worried, because that, paired with how (*laughs*)......gentle, and silly (in a good way), and cheerful.....the being was....resulted in me feeling a wave of attraction in my heart....... . I tried to speak to the being, and even heard replies from a high-pitched and feminine sounding voice.... . But I struggled to hear / interpret the words stated by the being.

The petite being had mind waves that did not / do not match that of mortals, so that is / was a relief.

How do I feel? Comforted...... . Because even with my adherence to my celibacy pledge..., and my iron-clad feeli g (*gasps as I feel a caress to my...my backside*) resolve....regarding my mission / goals....., seems there *IS* some being somewhere.....with a level of focus and determination......that is not unlike mine. Thing is though, the (!?!?!?!) mission / goal of the mystery being, startling as it is, seems to be what the being called / addressed as my happiness (!?!?!?!!?!?!). Yea. I heard the mysterious voice claim / say words like "I just want you to be happy~~~.......". Words verified by my empathy and telepathy senses...... .

The being is not / was not 'anime', so I can not and will not use 'anime' nor an 'anime' 'name' as a frame of reference.

U...umm..I will thank the being. Yea, and in earnest? (*Felt a caress to my scalp, and heard (!?!) a statement of welcome*). (*Heard a wall creak / crack sound in the house*). Conviction, resolve, and even devotion are always welcome.....in my house. I just do not get / comprehend how or why the being's conviction, resolve, and devotion...art focused on me O_O......... .


Oh. Before I go, during the period of dimension diving / fluid world events mentioned earlier, seems I witnessed K*tri*o announce plans to stop 'journal' 'writing' 'online'.

Ain't my business, and I am not going to go dashing in 'white' 'knight' 'style'.

I note K 'peaked' in '2012' '/' '2013'.....and deteriorated steadily. Whereas me, even with a data cap, I keep observing myself turning it up...., and going to new levels in my lifestyle and performance.

'K' 'missed' 'at' the boat. I'm not even planning to look back at those 'blogs'... .

With the abundance present in my life now, and so many options and things to do, I just don't have time for 'K*trin*' nor 'K*trin*'s' 'inherent' 'solipsism' '/' 'autism' '/' 'shortsightedness'.

3/13/18 10:19 am - Mastering Myself / Looking For Ways To Unlock My Mostly Sealed Potential.......

I noted a 'brewery' 'trip' last Saturday, but didn't get a 'beer'. I noted H 'pay' (lol) at my Dairy Queen cookie ala mode snack...and then basically offer up 'free' '****y' (hahahaha! oh..lol...I swear....)....by way of H's 'adulterous' 'friend'. But all through that I did *not* get even a hint of ar.uh..."arousal". Yea. Me...that / who actually has the original and functioning (*coughs*) version of the..um...physiology which mortal males are incorrectly associated at (by mankind).... . Yea, and u....um.....by the senses afforded me by such physiology, I did not sense any cosmic energy / hyperdimensional energy...from the 'adulterer'.

I did not project hyperdimensional values onto the mortal adulterer, and that whilst my telepathy and empathy were online...in new ways.

Hmmmmmm............ .

Maybe the solo trial still has potential..... . Maybe to prove that I have mastered myself, requires the current field tests.

Maybe I have to prove I will not be deceived by ànime grade deceivers via more field work..., though I am not going to take up that 'strip' 'club' 'trip' 'invitation' on Friday.


Still, even taking into consideration the above, there is an undeniable hard cap on the data levels present in this world / my current performance.

The cap is present either because of solo trial related reasons pertaining to myself, or due to dual trial related mental synchronization issues.

Yea. Normally, there would / should be heightened environmental mana levels in this world (like III decades ago)...., mana that can be used for things ranging from flight to generating mountain crumbling energy blasts. Those, as well as plentiful starships......, and evenmana emitting trees that tower into the stratosphere... .

Nature, in this realm, is just as anemic as technology. The very forests in this realm.....reflect the anemia.

When fluid world events take place, I have access to flight, and the mana levels of this plane....rise. But, as if confirming a hard data cap, my lucidity and cognition based data processing performance levels....take a dip during most fluid world events.

Only time within memory whereby I seemingly did not notice a data cap.....was during the blue place event.

My real task here, no doubt, is addressing this decades length data cap issue.

If this is a solo trial, could "time" be the variable involved with progress? Then again, if that was the case, why hath environmental data mana levels (relating to trees, earth, wind, water, light, darkness) plummeted so...over the last III decades?

I'll admit I am worried, because the prospect of that blonde overworld me "slowing down" my mental performance as a means to "handshake" (tech terminology)...

...and synchronize with a confused, disoriented, and very low functionality levels displaying "partner".... just seems so......."Scout-like" (*facepalms*). (*Heard at a voice claim "she's a good person ~~~~".......*). It just "makes so much sense" after all that I have been through.

Right now, to make an analogy, it feels like I in an unlocked state could, with ease, note a world with Playstation XXIV consoles, mana trees towering into the atmosphere, continent sized starships, and heightened mana levels. Yea, but here I am noting Playstation IV consoles...., anemic technology / airplanes, and anemic mana levels. The question is why?????

If the dual trial is somehow real, I just hope my partner isn't an '***h*le'........ .

On the flip side, a way to boost the environmental mana levels of this world...would be to dismantle any and all technology via realm-wide EMP event. Yea. No internet. No cars. No phones. No N*ntendo. No television. (*Hears at 'sirens' IRL*). According to this post, if such as that were to happen, a trialer would have instant and regular access to flight, enhanced athleticism, and energy blasts.

3/12/18 07:19 pm - Really Intense CEV's / M*ned A Blue Today....... / Ready To M*ne The River Across My House

Not sure what they mean, but I had a bout of almost neon closed eye visuals for a while today.... . Yea. That after a little mini nap following the last post.

I did not freak out, but it was like I saw scenes of / from another plane...., and a plane that feaured perhaps what seemed to be floating / luminous objects.

Seems like there are some sadness related events going on in the / a overworld plane..... . I am not so sure...what they are about though.


The key to m*ning is knowing the native topography, scouting (lol), and traveling. So far, I know where to find loads and loads of reds.

But today (!!!) I found a highly included but still...gemmy....blue / bluish-green translucent spire. Seems to be S*pphire..., and maybe a placer type / alluvial type bit.

I will see about getting a sensitive weight scale, and doing a specific gr*vity test on it. I'll also get a spectroscope soon...... .

I like m*ning reds, but I am ready to get back to diving for enourmouse Clear S*pphires in the rivdr bend across from my house.

Yea, I love swimming =^_^=. Yea, and the river across from my house has the largest clear color g*mstones I have ever found. Lods of Clear S*pphires and White S*pphires.

The plan is to collect material through spring, summer, and early autumn. Yea, and then work on making cab*chons through autumm and winter.

Maybe I will even try my hand with f*ceting......., if my current vision holds up anyway.

Me? I am still thankful for the chance to live like this. I have access to all the g*mstones I can handle. Just don't know why I am still on this planet..... .

3/12/18 10:45 am - These Last Couple Days And Nights / IRL Studying At An Adulterous Mortal

Hunh.... . Not sure what is going on here, but this last week...., specifically within the last IV days, has featured the most anemic world reloads I likely have ever sensed.

Me? I am not depressed. When I wake up, get moving, get excited about (lol) lunch, and goto the workshop to pick gemmy reds from the m*ning rough, it is like I am thromming (hunh?)....ummm...I mean....crackling with energy and focused.

Something is up regarding the way that this world is formed / supported.

I am not sure what that means though....... .

And also.......is it just me, or do I remotely sense what seems to be waves of despair???


I noted a 'strip' 'club' 'invitation' the other day. I declined (lol). Yea. Lately I have been studying at an adulterous mortal IRL. Yea. A '30+' ____________ with three spawn / chirn, an impotent spouse, and a 'money' 'scamming' 'adultery' 'partner'. The mortal would be labeled as 'working' 'class'........with 'no' 'psychiatric' 'diagnoses' (not that fake 'psychiatry' even has a clue to what mental health is (obviously)).

The mortal I am studying at just blatantly cheats on the beta male spouse....., and claims to be seeking a divorce because the spouse has a 'weewee' 'that' 'is' 'broken' (*cringe*) (*cackles*) and 'midgety'. Ka***.....has been all b***hurt about the 'cheating' of some chumpy 20's Caucasian.....dude that scams Ka*** for rent money, food, Disney vacations, jet flights, car rentals, and wrestling event tickets..... The dude, according to Ka***, gives the BSDM s*x that Ka*** gets off from (*groans*). Yea. I note mortal always goes on abpout '50' 'Shades' 'movie' 'parties' that get accompanied with the abuse that Ka*** is a junkie for.

Oh. I done heard / seen at it 'all'. I have heard at the miscarriage '/' ab*r**** abomination involving 'relationship' drama accounts. I have even witnessed Ka*** handed an 'emergency' 'breakup' 'support'...... 'sex' 'device' by another parent / mortal that has had adultery and breakup experience.

Me? I was / still am detached. But I note the Caucasian with a ghetto b*tt is 'interested' at me now....... .

What are my thoughts?

I just do not get the abandonment of Ka***'s spawn. If the harlot gets cancer (STDs going around like crazy in hillbillyville) from ****ing dude's ****, what then???? What about AIDs? What about Hep? Then again, I note any Caucasian that gets cancer.....gets claimed at being a "hero", but alas...... . All the thousands of dollars Ka*** dumped on a bi gymrat-lite dude....was money ***not*** spent on education for Ka*** son and two daughters.

Yea. So when I noticed Ka*** wanting to offer the same 'sugar' 'momma' 'deal' at me........along with a same night **** opportunity, I almost burst into cackling laughter about ***EVERYTHING*** I have written being proven so ***PRECISELY***!!!!

(*Recalls at Ka*** frantically stating a 'need' for p***s.....*).

Yea. Glad I am not having anything to do with Ket*ino....., nor any of those other ones bringing the ***same*** problems as Ka***....but with all that unnecessary and added F*ckin / SB garbage. Glad I walked.a

Yea... . The craziest ones of mankind, do not even get a 'diagnosis'. Naw. I would actully observe doctors and mankind 'exalt' Ka**** as an 'empowering' 'example'.

I just laugh in relief to know better ;p, and keep on moving.

Yea. __________ are just crazy. Insane. That by way of DNA. 'M*at' 'machines'.......with no soul, no heart, no goals, no focus. Even now I am stupified at the heartlessness... . Looks like the lie about stupid ones having "hearts of gold" is a lie. ___ ________________ _______ lack at emotional depth..*just* *as* *much* *as* 'they' lack at mental depth, and merely get a ______y pass....for acting like retards / having outbursts (due to a lack at discipline, self-control, and composure).

I have validation for why I never wanted to be an ______ ___________________ type.

Too, I have support for my fear at that one from a couple autumn seasons ago. See, I'm naive at mortals. I had no clue. I had no clue about the depravity, the stupidity, the hubris, the folly, the insanity..... .

Yea. To know at 'mortal's'...'ways'....literally means not loving a 'mortal'.

There is no way for a person who knows at mortals.....to love mortals.

(Physi*gnomy is real btw........).

I see why I do not want to share my destiny, my life, my dreams, my existence, my present, my past, my future, my being........with mortals..... . I see why I wear a mask of time and space basis to hide my true identity, and my true energy.

Yea, I can't even hate mankind. I am not even going to mock 'em. All I can say right now is ***WOW***.......... . Too.....being willing to share my IRL house in the past (*recalls at the fat one of the pair*)....showed just what a naive baby space / dimensional creature I am. I may be ageless, but I am naive. I do not even have the genetics / DNA programming with which to personally 'relate' to mankind's 'craven' 'impulses'.

I am horrified, and stupified :p!!!

But I am content all the same =^_^=.

So long as I can have the hyperdimensional blue place, and no link to mankind whatsoever, I am happy, and I shall stay happy.

[Yea. What makes my journal different, is field observations. Anybody who does not have head up the *** syndrome (a common affliction of mortals)...can readily verify stuff like this by just (*gasps*) opening the dwelling door, talking, and keeping teh private parts in pants / not getting involved or emotionally invested with mortals (lol)].



3/11/18 11:31 am - Going All In.........

Yesterday was pretty fun =^_^=.

I got very excited about the future *^_^*.

The powerful dude, J, got like a stack of books on c*bochon and faceting....., and stated I could use them as much as I wanted?

There is a lot of intricate stuff involved with g*m processing.




Many of my past m*ned S*pphires already have natural f*cets, so I do not plan on processing those.

Reason I want to read / learn up on this stuff, too, is so I can someday materialize fully faceted gemstones just from *MY* *MANA*. Indeed. Countless amounts of S*pphires, R*bies, T*paz, Diamonds, Em*ralds, Aq*amarine, G*shenite, Bi*b*te, H*liodor, S*llamanite, T*urmaline, and others.

Yea. I have already taken steps to making an international company IRL.


Last night / this morning....dimension diving or fluid world events had me kinda confused...... .

I suppose a figure (noted subanime red hair though, and yet again) was cozying up (!?!!) at or to....my shoulder, and mentioning wanting to go see some sort of production (an opera?) with me (?????). The figure was "interested", but also seemed to be "worried"..and wanting to " spend some time together". Seems I spectated the same figure noted a couple months back...as I was to that shrine city in J*pan.

I am not going to call my visions and mystical encounter events frustrating. No. Never. I *CAN* land / see environmental events in advance. But thing is, if not the establishment of an immaculate, nurturing, healthy, healing, fulfilling and eternal.....sanctuary realm, what purpose would love have? How else would / could love have any use whatsoever? Yea. That said, what are all those visions / events involving that figure and other figures supposed to lead to?

True love is about vision, vision and accountability regarding somebody else's future. It is not about that oxymoronic and nonsensical phrase of ' " 'feeling' 'good' " '. It is not about 'stress' 'relieving' 'sex' either..., because a real being capable of real love does not even feel 'stress'. I note mortals tend to conflate mindless breeding, as well as 'temporary' and 'situational' 'convenience' of a 'sexual' 'relationship' at the meaning of love. Love though, is so much more.

Yea. Maybe that though I am kinda confused. Because whatever I do, or say, or however upset I get. I always find myself noticing the same petite being / petite beings never quit trying to cuddle up to me as I rest, and never quit trying to stay around me. The beings even seem to cry (*winces*)...sometimes, cry and respond with what seems like panic to my eternal celibacy statements / plans but still never quit trying..... . (*Rubs my scalp and forehead introspectively*).

Why do the beings want to hang around me so much, and who are they? What is their goal? Their plan?

Whoever they are, they remind me of "dark matter" and "dark energy" in a metaphorical sense, because they do not seem to directly use the keyboards / communication devices of this anemic world to reach me.

Yea. Me? I am not a mortal. No offense intended, but I never *expected* to be loved. I never *expected* attention. Yea, and even so I found happiness and fulfillment...... . (*Remembers that blue place event*). I even found what felt like absolute completion, however brief the experience was. Me? I see life, existence (what of it I can see anyway), in the terms of future information, present information, and past information, and that simultaneously. (That is too why I am celibate, and can not be attracted mortals. When I witness a mortal that is 22, I simultaneously witness the the one as 3.....as well as 70+)).

I'll admit that the beings do have incredible pain easing abilities, but even so, I am not trying to abuse that ability of theirs....nor "use" at anybody. (Just like I would not want to be "used" regarding my abilities and resources, I do not want to "use" anybody for any of their abilities or their resources).

Yea. I just wonder where this is headed. (*Perceived a pair of....floating blue eyes*).

Back to 2005 / 2006 / 2007 I was very alarmed....., initially......, regarding both encounters during fluid world and dimension diving events, as well as alarmed regarding caresses I would feel IRL. Yea, but during rare events when / where I could see the beings, I thought they were cute (lol) so I calmed down.... .

Yea. I am ready for more in-depth and far more detailed visual and auditory contact.

I'll try to be gentle with my words to them. These beings clearly aren't mortal sluts, and as such have very deep emotions...as well as the capacity for deep analytical thought.

I need stats, some information, about that "overworld plane" where my actual physical body is located. That, as well as any availableInfiniversal Routing G*m information.

3/10/18 11:29 pm - N*notherapy Update / Real Life Is Awesome / Fr*ed G*m Museum IRL / Super Anemic World Shift

I woke today to a very shadowy and anemic world. About the most anemic I have ever sensed the landscape.

Seems related to the words used by mentioned on this journal...(*gasps as unexpectedly felt a touch to my behind (!!!!)*) (hey....I'm celibate....*blinks*)...... .

I do not want to say the land has been washed over by depression......, but gosh.

Me? I am quite content all in all =^_^=.

Why? Because I can sense my timeline, my future, my energy. My heart, my soul, feels sparkly ahead, and I can taste delicious possibilities ahead.

Not sure why this place is seeming so downcast and full of chilled despair lately.


I feel "back to myself" since having G*ld and S*lver (!!!) again. I keep feeling a charged energy sensation to my nose bridge area, and it is like I can now "see" the future, steady state (??!?!?!!??!), but on a matter of "seconds".

For example, I can sense "phone calls" and "read minds" in advance (like when I sensed at J yesterday, read at his thoughts, and then knew in advance at his incoming phone call seconds in advance).

There is some delta shaped organ to my nose bridge area that let's me sense my environment, as well as perceive timeline related information. Yea. I am going to keep taking G*ld, S*lver, Pl*tinum, and Ir*dium.


Lol. Noted a flourescent g**stone exhibit to a museum fried today...as I stood before the exhibit. Guess the lighting system overloaded due to my enegy emissions. Glad I went? The trip was a means to take a rest from the current planetary environment that is super anemic and ultra-packed with despair. There was an Aquam*rine g*mstone column there that was over 300lb....(which I touched (lol))........ .


Saw a bunch of cab*chons today as I visited a galleria which featuring a wild amount of faceted, cabochon, and raw format....g*mstones. I got excited for times to come =^_^=. Yea. I am excited about getting that cab machine by late summer......, and I am excited about the chance to have my own personal galleria.


Spent the evening....basically observing J, H......., and a moronic / average XX chick that had really bad 'relationship' and 'horniness' 'problems'.

I was very pleased with the chance to experience how I had no absolutely no physical, emotional, mental, nor spiritual attraction whatsoever.

I was not even phased by 'pheromones' directed at me.

Me? For me to ever be attracted, I need to find a being with a beautiful and cute personality. Yea. A miracle of a being..... . A monkey of a being.... . A monkey ~~~~~~..... . A monkey who is cool ~~~........ .

Yea. Mankind will never / have possess a true little monkey class being (*exhales in relief*).

Still, for comedy purposes, it sure would be fun to witness anime class worlds IRL.

K. Guess I am going to go take my n*notherapy items.

3/9/18 03:53 pm - Remembered Something About Today's Fluid World Or Diving Event......

Been a lot of stuff going on which I have not reported on here since writing my post the other day about my ancient sealed universe plan which I am now reconsidering.

But today, I found myself noticing an interception to or an 'interception' 'at' my progress back here to the mountains / this house IRL.

Walking about, I noticed subanime, and also observed at many sitting folks..as if some sort of dire gathering was taken place. I worried a little bit because the air was filled with dread and a very tense sensation...that my empathy read.

I tried to flee the compound / setting, and that as I heard at loud sounds that sounded like w "vitals machine" and someone 'crashing'....... . Arrthymia tones....., flat line tones that kept getting longer and longer.

I heard at one long flat line take place?

Bur I walked by at some room that had an open door, and a gloomy power signature inside, I heard at the heart monitor tones resume.

Was the room hospital room???

I just sped on..., heading for the / a exit.....so I could navigate my way back to the mountain house.

I made it to a spot where I witnessed a street setting.

It was about then, that my view suddenly shifted...and I noted Negro / Mulatto XX chromosome type figure staggering strangely and reaching frantically some ways ahead....as if the figure was making a desperate attempt to reach someone. The figure seemed to be wearing some neon orange lingerie (!?!?!) or swimwear, and directing sexual vibes at me. (Maybe I dodged a grab targeted at me by teleportation).

I just kept moving, and soon found myself back to the mountain house and very very very very very groggy for some reason.

Now....I am kinda concerned, and wondering if I unexpectedly observed at that Mulatto entity spotted at a couple weeks ago......'flat-lining'. I still did not feel any attraction.......if so (*winces*).


Remember that post I tried to verbalize a couple weeks ago? I do.

Well, a week or two or three or so after I made my post, and after typing a key word into the search engine, I found at what but a MGTOW site's 'new' 'post'......featuring dudes 'simplifying' at the content / meaning of my own statement(s).


Me? If I am ever to consider being in a relationship, I might need for there to be "robot body tests" for the both of us. What does that mean? It means where there is testing to see if the person I love (*gasps as I feel a kiss*)...er I mean the person I am considering a relationship with.....and I...can get along just fine, even laugh and have fun, and even feel love for each other....even though our star-like "pilot" forms are integrated into rusty robots for a couple of days or longer... . Yea. Rusty robots rather than our usual fleshly bodies.

3/9/18 10:54 am - 2001: An Inner City Odyssey And My Initial True Awakening

I need to clarify some of my last posts....since I never really talked about this subject, and the era of which it pertained.......on the internet.

Summer 2001, I made every attempt to get away from 'gramps' and his 'crack' 'dealing' 'compound'. I literally refused to 'work' for him (like his own drug junkie sons), and I refused to run an 'alternate' 'crackhouse' '/' 'whorehouse'. Using my vision abilities, and even stating it clearly back then, I said how I was not going to be around for the drug sting due in a couple months. I had already seen at the cop cars, the drama, etc in advance, and I said so.

Old man claimed at me being crazy? Said the drug money was a 'blessing' from 'Jehovah'?

I had been planning to see about noting the Coast Guard, but I noted the demonic fake family just ***too*** crazed, too vengeful, too paranoid at me having survived 'high' 'school'. Me? I just would not 'die'. Too, I would not **** the 'willing' sluts ***NOR*** the 'willing' gay dudes. I was not being a n*gger.

I fled for my life to a college in Gr**nsboro.

Yea, and soon (within weeks) I heard via phone at the results of a drug sting bust and how J*e had to try to blame / frame his other grandson for all his crack and bout 100,000$ in drug cash seized.

I learned about my vision accuracy then, hence why I never really listened to a legion of autistic 'keyboard' 'warriors'' 'claims' of 'the' 'contrary'.

The initial semester for me was probably about...the most dark and icy era of my life. Literally dark, and icy.

But I managed to adapt, and "get into the zone".

Yea, and while there and noting a 3.8 GPA, I hatched a plan to "make it to the mountains"...and note a university in the mountains. That as a means to *train*, and see what I could ***REALLY*** do (*grins as remembers the cosmic wave and tsunami event*).

(See why I do not need fiction? Reality is way more epic).

Some point whilst sitting in a physics classroom, an astronomy classroom, I reeled......as an information wave, a space and time related wave, inundated me. I did not freak out, no, but I had a realization..... . A realization that I shared no true connection to mankind, and was actually just witnessing formless hallucinogenic apparitions created / born of a void......., a void at space and time (*thinks about the Infiniversal Routing Gem as I type*). Yea, and that...all of my own choice (!!!!!!).

After class, I grabbed my books, went to the dorm room, and collapsed.....into bed.

It all made so much sense?

But questions were asked by me. What was I?

A hypothesis came up, a hypothesis about me being a private universe. A hypothesis I needed to test. If it tested to be true (by way of me witnessing 'Jehovah's' defeat), my plan was to rewrite all space and time.......so I would be free to reside in my own private universal expanse... . free to experience the bliss and fun I had always experienced through the years...., the bliss and fun that I had yet constantly observed 'mankind' 'assault' and 'ruin' 'at'.

Another theory, maybe a theory accompanied by images, took place for me during that same time. I asked what if I was part of a collective of individual universe scale beings... . Yea. Beings trying to reach each other (I had yet to discover / weave the concept of a containment vessel..., a / the vessel which is the Infiniversal Routing Gem).

But what evidence did I have of that? I only witnessed morons lacking at souls.

My plan was to modify all space and time, and make it so I was sealed in my own private universe, free from parasites and violence bringers, and virginal..for all eternity. That was my dream. My goal.

Yea. I aspired to be a prime example of a universe. What would my physical in-universe universal explorer body look like? I speculated, and asked...if a 6'3, animesque, and buff male with long red hair would suffice? Even with virginity plans (*turns beet red*), I did not want to change a certain...u...um......u...uh.........(*coughs*). I was o...okay with that (*facepalms*). I mean, energy, y'know??? Any part (*coughs*) of me that has / had dense and seemingly limitless concentrations of cosmic energy naturally...I did *NOT* want to 'lose' (*blushes intensely*).


Jumping forward, something happened when I *DID* observe the college transfer plan take place. I, for some reason I can't explain, got enamored with the idea of "friendship" and "friends". I wanted to meet others like me.

But I learned quick, time and again, there are just some shoes (roles) mortals 'can't' possibly fill.

Then came the whole "gender surprise" per 'words' 'of' 'God' (which came along with some r*pe threats from him directed at me.....which I could not comprehend, as well as threats to ______ and devour....what he termed as "your kittens".

Kittens? I was celibate..... . I don't reproduce..... . Still, I put my hands up, and was ready to stand up for any beings in need of protection.

After witnessing Jehovah's defeat, and observing the foretold cosmic ray blast and tsunami..., I did not know why I was still here.

Just witnessing boring and predictable mortals...day after day...., and for what???

After a year and a month or so, the blue place event took place. By that point, I was willing to sacrifice my entire existence so any possible group of universal scale beings (which I thought I might have briefly sensed)...could have a meeting place, and a safe sanctuary with which to host and have social interaction(s). But my existence somehow continued on, and I was still back to "here".

But then a year after that (2007) came the onset of events where I (!?!?!) perceived a presence, maybe a pair of presences, regularly attempting to k..kiss me (*gulps*) (*blinks*). That whether I am here, or during dimension diving events.

Empathy and telepathy awoke.

Hunh. I sensed what seemed to be love???? Wow... . Ok. *O_O*.

So here we are today.

I am sure...now that I am a universe, and that due to repeated observable evidence, and the blue place event. Too (*blush*), I enjoy / enjoyed how the whole gender matter went =^_^=. Everything I u.uuuh was okay with having before, I get to keep (*coughs and blushes*) (*grins with relief*).

Me? I am not trying to 'knock' anime, nor 'anime' 'deities'. It's just that the blue place gives me what I want. I like celibacy (*gasped as I felt a caress to my bottom and heard a voice*). Only way I would choose other than my original sealed solo universe plan, is if there is a community of individual universal scale beings...who can get along, function, support themselves and each other, and not act like 'retards'. (*Hears at sirens IRL as I type*). Yea. (*Suddenly hears at loads and loads of sirens*).

Yea. A community of multiversal beings needs some evidence. I need an explanation as to why I have yet to see, face to face in the mountain sanctuary (or even on tv / in media), an actually good looking.....feminine being who can rock a bikini and not make me throw up? Or even have a reasonable conversation about reality without going into 'violent' 'autistic' '/' 'solipsistic' 'hysterics'?

How can I ever know if there are any other beings capable of a blue place scale moment?

I don't know how to explain the kisses, the hugs, the encounters experienced since noting 2007. Since anime is not real by hyperdimensional standards, who or what were they from????

Yea. And let's face it? Anime deities would not be above / beyond.....using / leveraging "DDD cup hugs" as a means to stop at the Big Crunch / Infiniversal Routing Gem Deactivation. (Though I would not think anime deities capable of love, the love which I have regularly sensed directed towards me through the years).

I've had my fun, but I am tired now. If the only way I can have rest, have peace, is through a space and time.....involving trump card / option whereby I am permanently sealed by myself for all eternity and evermore, I'll gladly take it. Especially if that was / is what the blue place was. (*Felt my fingernails glow with pity at deity class entities like Tokimi, and others*).

3/8/18 10:18 pm - Never Assume *Anyone* To Automatically Be Capable Of Objectivity, Love.., Sanity, Sense In The Head

Not my usual thing to do, but I am closing lots of my data mining / data tracking internet accounts.

The title explains my rationale?

There is no need to beat a 'dead' 'horse'.

Just got to be like witnessing an unbelievably boring and predictable 'ant' 'farm'....of the dying, the diseased, and the broken down, and I am ready to move on and save my stomach some squeamish nausea.

Me? I can't stand a 'braggart', but it is just so clear in so many ways (even to me now) that I have certain...uh "statuses" that are shockingly not even replicable by mankind / mortals. Why? How? Don't know.

But I do things with ease...which 'mortals' 'can't' even begin to approach or consider.

Of those things, proven visions, proven weather control......, proven space weather control....., and all of which I do not want to leverage into 'power' nor 'fame'.

Yea. And even then...I can manage to hold it down IRL.



I'll keep this journal around though =^_~=.

There will be plenty of big storms to come in the coming age. The biggest yet.

Not in spite, no, but because there is no way to reason with beasts.

Mankind acted like a bunch of beasts? Well now it is time to show, via my weather / environmental control abilities, just how I respond at beasts.. .

*Feels my eyes glowing a calm shade of red*.

3/8/18 09:01 am - Chilling In The Morning.....

Took me Nootropics (Holy Basil, and others) early today, and just chillin =^_^=.

Having some whimsical laughs and nostalgic memories, whilst doing some spontaneous morning listening.....

..... .


Might try to record a hyperdimensional anthem today. Question is, about what? Hmmmm. Maybe the blue place. Yea. The unrivalled ecstasy that is / was that unrivalled blue place event of the past. That place, that, through my life, was / provided about the only moment of ultimate respite....I have ever experienced.

An anthem to help me reflect on the utmost somber....words...spoken last night in the last post.


Update 9:19am EST: W...what the heck? Why do I note the narrator basically making a 'summary' 'at' all of my field research / field observation notes written in this journal????? Jeez....... . I do not even usually listen at MGTOW, and this is an initial time probably of me even doing so.

3/7/18 11:55 pm - Hunh. A Spellsong Event....??? / Immediate N*notherapy Results.... / My Secret Ace Card Technique

It took place after the last post, but I got kinda worried as I saw some specks to the bottom of the S*lver bottle before I even opened it. Yea. Yet again before shipping took place, temperatures regionally plummeted to below freezing....levels....*AND* that coupled with noting no insulation for the bottles (whereas the Pl*tinum and Ir*dium came with a head pack and thick styrofoam insulation).

(Yea. I will just get year supply portions when it warms up, and hold with any winter liquid shipments). (Furthermore, I will investigate making / having my own production center in the future..as a means to make my own products).

The Silver looked the right color elsewise / otherwise though..... . Taste was the big thing. I know / knew the taste I was looking for.

So I opened all me bottles, and went down the line. Silver was up. Sssssiiiiiiipp..... . *BOOM*. My eyes went wide....as a *MASSIVE* wave of electricity went forth in my mouth. It was like tasting a battery tip. Seems the product concentration was just fine, and *WAY* more intense than the other brand I had used. Took me a couple teaspoons to discharge my tongue / mouth so I could even taste the familiar and smooth flavor I love / loved.

Effects? Oh wow..., I was *immediately* dizzy. I felt electricity on my face, so I retired to the bed. (No more midday doses for while).

I immediately heard a loving voice (*blush*)...and felt kisses to my cheek....(*gulps*). Too, I sensed divine energy patterns, and had some interesting closed eye visuals involving a mystic plane and whoever the being was whom I sensed / heard.

[Not sure why, but it is clear now that there is a mystical being who has a plan, a mission, for me to not (*feels my face go totally red*) sleep 'alone'. (Wonder what she really looks like, and who she truly is.....in a divine class being type of way.....)].

As always the being was utterly sweet, adorably vulnerable, and curious.


When I next opened my eyes, I was hovering in what seemed (!?!) to be the hallways of some..., I dunno, some school or caregiver type location. I did observe subanime though.

Uh....I guess I spotted at a "fairy creature" that wore a type of dress and fairy boots....lightly flit / hover step across the path ahead.... . Hmh. Heard a very familiar sound as I saw the creature make footfall.

A sparkling....and chord-like sound.

A sound like that / those in the above (!!!) recording.

Lol. That did it for me. I went into a hyperdimensional music focused state, and cosmic energy streamed from my being in an intense manner. I hovered / rose into the air, felt energy wings form on my upper and lower back, and (???!???) used some eerie ability to make chord / space creature calls.....that sounded like the sounds in the above recording, and that as (!?!?!) I literally heard the above recording playing somehow...as if it was "broadcast" from me.

I was "there". I was "in the zone". Absolute happiness, absolute fulfillment, and about to form shift and everything as I experienced pure bliss and heard the music. My aura field / energy generation values skyrocketed in a revealing of my true nature..... . But just like in Japan a couple months back....., *PLOOP* there it went....... . (Why???????).

I descended back on my feet to the floor below,

Searching the facility, I found an eerily luxurious patio setting with very lush, soft, and even silken looking couches. Maybe I spotted at 'H' sitting to a table? I dunno.

I noticed a subanime XX chromosome type that seemed 30s-ish and unrecognizable...sitting up in a chair with blankets and covering them, and what seemed to be patient clothes. I hovered up a bit, but then recoiled when I heard at the one speak as if dementia or Alzheimers or something was going down for 'em.

Sitting to a chair and enjoying the weather, I noticed a gathering of old chicks, some in 'scrubs'. Spectated at one in a business suit give a private lunch invitation at me (???), and silly me did not decline any chance for food (*cackles*). But even then though.......I sensed "excitement" (!!!) and "subtle contexts"......, and that made me worry and ask questions.

Some while later, the setting t...transformed (???) to what seemed like a Japanese setting. To get my bearings, I retired to a quiet seeming room. Uuuuuh.... . I dunno what happened next *O_O*. Might have been what I called the window effect the other day.

Amidst relaxing back, I suddenly heard cool music..., very cool music, but (!?!?!) u...uuuuh I also observed an animesque figure........wearing...u...um...very little *O_O*. Was the figure wearing *only* a kitchen apron, or an...a...apron and (*facepalms my red face*) a...and a bikini bottom?

*Sighs whimsically*. Was the figure preparing a dessert or food item......???

Hmmm. The visuals and music suddenly went poof? Uh oh. I detected a strange presence at my left. As if it literally warped at reality and warped at the wall...of the room I was in (and added another fake room as cover), a beastly and gross....troll chick with bad vibes materialized at my left. A fake tv screen popped up at the place around where I had seen at the anime "chef" (*grins*).....moments before. After a couppe moments, I heard the cool music again, and then I was back to gazing at the "chef" with curiosity. Uh oh.... . I spectated at Biggums Teh Troll burst up, and cast an 'accusing' 'glance' 'at' me....... . Ulgh...... . Predicting at some haggard cow preaching at me, and accusing p*rn / h*ntai viewing at me, and then freaking out at me field studying, I prepared to vacate the area. After getting up, sidestepping what seemed to be some (???!) robot mouse device that possibly latched onto me as a tracker, I went into a fluid setting..... .

That was when a observed an angry internet screen pop up at my face. Hunh? I clearly spotted at a text message of someone that was quite angry.

[*Intermission due to observing a dinner invitation Aves and aeay time for a couple of hours.

Lol. Amidst dinner.....me directly said the Texas thing was a no go*.]

I could not respond to the question asked at me? A question like "u callin me" "a" "ho" "?"....... .

I set about identifying at the one with the wounded ego. A piclet appeared at the side of the text? Hunh? A subanime XX chromosome type with long brown hair... .

I summoned a special tracking tablet to my hands, and used tracing somehow. I found at a strange LJ akin journal that had bluish tones as a theme, and maybe even referenced some 'church'. Briefly glancing at the alien LJ, I noted several references at my journal.

I did not give the stranger any special regard then, and I am not going to search for that 'journal' now.... .

Me just so tired and literally nauseated at disgusting, neurotic, and victim-card brandishing chumps..that can't / won't *EVER* raise some hands......, and can't / won't *EVER* prove me wrong by behavior, example, and facts.


Today's event got me thinking? While I do not want to "take back" the title nor my prior intentions in the above hyperdimensional anthem, (*notices a pair of glowing eyes*) I kinda want repurpose the theme to describe / denote my current training lifestyle..... .

Yea, not to sound harsh, but I have no clue to what, if anything, those silvery-haired being sightings / events will lead to.

Might see about removing the title and picture tagged to it, and putting up illustrated portrayal of me in my true form briefly experienced today.... .

Yea. Since I saw and experienced the (!!!!!) unexpected cosmic energy potential to the theme during today's event......, and since it has my private love based aura sounds in it, I kinda wanna protect it.

(!?!?!. Seemingly heard at a voice say "but you gave that to me as a gift").

What do I do with my life from here? I dunno. Wonder...if I should try my ultimate secret card / technique......initially thought of back to A&T U*iversity over a decade and a half ago. (*Felt a kiss*). A total rewriting of my own timeline, past, present, and future, where I am sealed in my own universe, all by myself, for all eternity. Yes, where I would be free to experience the native bliss I have always felt deep inside anyway. It would be better than having to indefinitely deal with poisonous, depressive, perverted weaklings (mortals) that lack at any and all sense of objectivity, adventure, hope, faith, love, innocence, care, concern, heart, passion, logic, sense, etc. Since I *CAN'T* 'die' here...., and just keep waking up to the same anemic conditions time and time again, something drastic must be done. Maybe I can rewrite my own history so I never embarked on a dual trial scenario in my past......(if the dual scenario is real). Maybe I can rewrite my history so that all I ever knew was myself, my galaxies, my planets, my moons, my stars..... . Maybe I can rewrite my history so I never met ***anybody***........!!!! Period!!!!!!! That as a means of self preservation.

(Maybe heard at a voice state "you are talking total divorce").

I'll give that phasing mindscape layers theory some time though....... . That, and any chance for a solo trial to be true.

Not sure how long I can / will give though.

If I am going to be lonely anyway, maybe I need to be lonely in peace and happiness.....in my own permanently sealed universe...forever and ever.....lest some hope / being of hope arises.

Yea. I am *not* going to be bullied nor forced into accepting the nauseating likes of the BG author or K.......as a trialing partner and a person worthy of sharing my life / my private universe with. I still have a trump card up my sleeve.

I'm not going to be like that crazed Jehovah God 'was'..... . 'Being' 'all' chronically troubled and 'surrounded' by insane and problematic 'creations'. Unh unh. 'Not' worth it.

3/7/18 12:51 pm - Time To See What I Can Do......

Preface: Before I continue this post, I want to give thanks here and now, and pray in thanksgiving for the chance to live like this.


My s*ilverware thingy does not have the usual...s*lverware....

...., unh unh, I'mma drink mine ~~ =^_^=!!!

Yea, after a month long hiatus on G*ld and S*lver, it is time to get into the groove. I now have the full set. Even noting a '200$' 'price' at the full set of n*notherapy items, ain't any problems here. Not with this new and charged m*ining lifestyle I am living.

Ooooo ~~~ I'm so *thirsty*.

G*ld, Ir*dium, Pl*tinum, S*lver.......(*nods*). This stuff works wonders. Seems the particles bound to the heart...act as a "pace regulator" and "signal support" means for the electrical impulses of the heart.

Yea. I'm ready. Time to do this thang =^_^=!!

Kitty gonna dance yall ~~~~ =^_^=!

That drank tho.....(hahahahaha lol).......!


As it was foretold, gonna drink my gold.... .

Events of time and space, volts tingling in my face.... .

Niggas 'think' 'they' 'know' hah...ain't even seen my true ace.
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