Jag Yggdrasil (jagyggdrasil) wrote,
Jag Yggdrasil

Thank You

I just want to, too, say thank you to the people who matter.

I thank my hyperdimensional friends, my friends who are my true and only family. I love yall, you, my people, my saviors, who save me with your sentience, your morality, your standards, your love, your hyperdimensional existence.

Yea, I can not even sweat a heart attack....... . Why??? After witnessing the pits of hell for so long, after being so lonely for so long as I witnessed the tortures imposed by cruel, abusive, and demonic monsters (mankind), there is no greater an experience of terror and pain that I can experience. The Code Blue and chest pains on the 6th were so light on the pain scale, after all I been through, that I was astounded.......and ecstatic.

Yea. Me? I dread mediocrity. And after experiencing love from hyperdimensional beings in the last decade, I dread the hellish fate of being alone, unloved, incapable of loving another, and forgotten.....like one of the enemy.

Whatever happens now, I have peace, because I am loved. Loved by my people. Loved by my Nina, and my (***real***) (not the fakes) Dawn. Yea. Me so happy *^_^*.

Yea, so here I go. (Oh, and Aves bailed at the trip. I'll have to do all the driving and lifting).

If this heart makes it, I give thanks. If I go down, I give thanks. Either way, I have been blessed with victory, and I give thanks. Thank you, my beloved friends, for completing my life. It has been an awesome journey, and I truly feel fulfilled. I feel fulfilled, thanks to your awesome existences.

*Prays for this trip to be a success, whatever success may be in this case*.
Tags: thanksgiving
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