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Somebody Prayed For Me......

After having heart palpitation and rhythm issues within tne initial 20 minutes of the move (right after arriving via Greyhound and taking a taxi)..., I just repeated to myself what I posted last on here, and pushed on.... . I took ***my*** preprepared ***real*** heart medicine too, after the pains came on. I was ***not*** going to quit. I don't even have "quit" in me.

Somehow, someway, I unloaded the locker in IV hours.

But then came driving.... . I had issues even seeing the lanes, and even staying in them...... .
Yea, but something happened (*blushes red*).

I felt somebody praying for me...O_O. On that road, I ***tasted*** their prayers, and it was like I was being granted (!!!!?!!?!!!!!!) vitality, and energy O_O. It was like (!?!), I dunno, I was given support in driving (!!??!!??!!).

Yea, well, the radio did that Yggdrasil Effect thing during all this.

I do not even want to repeat on here the songs that came on the radio.

I made it home by 2:30am (having to use the high beams the whole way...., past Waynesville).

Well, granted I survive unloading my gear into the house, this ***was*** my last ride (noting a driving session via noting a "driver's license". Yea. Vision test scores and eye exam results were so grave....., I noted the doctor say as much (hence why I pushed back the opthamologist appointment to January)).

Hey, thank you..., about praying for me and all (*blushes*).

I'm not going to do the electric guitar / electric mandolin / electric violin training, or Wii U playing (:P ).....until I process all my gear, do laundry, and make a presentable looking studio.

Lol. I even have a handheld NES console from 1993 with the original box and catridge for Pokemon Red..... . Gonna be a trip through memory lane.......going through all this stuff.

I give thanks to my friends, my family, for this chance to have made it back. I am going to try to make you proud of me.
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