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Cosmic Energy Supercharge / Holy Sanctuary Of Light

Oh wow :D!!! I had a night full of ***visions***, yes, and the likes of which not had since my tsunami related vision from 2004!!!!!

I was to a hyperdimensional shrine location, and crawling on my stomach to my beloved. Amidst visions and sounds of (???) a meteor and earthquake related event, I pleaded to her to be ready, because "it" is coming (!?!!?????!) (??????).

Me? I dunno. Did the vision happen because I touched the instrument that I used to cause the last event (!!!!!....*^_^*..!!!!!! (here is Big Blue :D!!!!!) (*dances and cackles with ecstasy to have my Jaggolin back in my hands*)).....???

Whatever happens, I am content :D!!!! I am *THRILLED* :D!!!!!!! Yea, I am truly happy. Yea, and I must protect that happiness........... .

Let's get to it eh?

I will not go back on the word given by that prior me, but that does not mean I am going to open myself up to drama, and disgusting situations..... . I will allow, if they exist, another trialer to stay here... . But that means ***extensive*** screening will have to be done to make sure that said person is indeed a hyperdimensional being..... . Screening that only a lifelong nun would be comfortable with. Screening that only a hyperdimensional being would be comfortable with. Anyone that got a problem at that...does not belong here..... . This place is a holy sanctuary of light, and a nursery meant for a person aspiring to be a champion. (*Plays the LOM Yggdrasil tree nursery theme*).

See this view???

This is what I wake up to every morning. I am not going to let anyone RUIN and DEFECATE on......this literal pinnacle which I ***STRUGGLED*** to reach!!!! I am not going to invite ones that would slash at my throat (or worse (*shivers*)) as I sleep. I am not going to invite anyone that would open my house door (for a lowly and cheap sex hookup behind my back) for some Jehovah possessed "long distance relationship" loser....that would kill *them*....and destroy at my property......!!!!

*Inhales and exhales..., trying to maintain my calm and focus*.

Yea. No drama is going to be allowed here. No pity parties. No baggage. No copouts. No lies. I will not let myself be drug down to someone else's poverty at a spiritual, emotional, and mental level........ . So anybody who messages me needs to take a honest self assessment, a self assessment free from bull**** and narcissism before even contacting me.

I'm on a mission for the innocent....spanning all time and existence. This house, and it's purpose, ain't a game. It ain't roleplaying.

I give thanks to the beings who let me make my dream a reality. I kept my word. I made it *^_^*!!!!!!!!! I can now provide free food, free shelter, and amenities for a friend who needs it, ***if*** the dual trialing scenario is real. I pray in thanksgiving to the divine beings, the friends, who made this possible for me. Thank you so much!!! I love you, and I thank you all!

*Dances in jubilation and ecstasy to this victory :D!!!!!*

*Feels my entire body crackling with celestial lightning and energy*.

*Worships the true divine Goddesses who make all dreams possible*.

Thank you!!!!! My Goddesses of Hope...... .

*Cries in ecstasy and joy *^_^* *
Tags: heaven on earth right here right now, holy sanctuary, holy sanctuary of light, mission statement, nursery
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