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So Happy *^_^*!!! / A Trip Down Memory Lane / Why Did I Do It???

Umm.....my legacy items are not "average"....., so it seems. My cosmic energy levels keep soaring higher and higher (!!!!) as I keep unpacking and testing the functionality of my items. Seems my NES handheld is from 1989 (!!!!), not 1993/1994. After turning it on (yeaa!!! *^_^*) to make sure it still worked, I unlocked ancient (!!!???!!!) abilities and memories. I remembered at "1st grade"......and how I could read on a college level....even back then.....(something a Negro kid was not supposed to be able to do....). I remembered drawing starships and magical worlds every day in class.....rather than paying attention to the dungeonmaster "teacher" but noting straight A's anyway....... . It was like my icy and chilly cosmic energy from the past was crystallized and stored in the unit O_O............ . Yea, and reunited with my current energy matrix (!!!!!!!!!).

The same effect took place as I unpacked my Wii from the Raleigh era. Yea, and again when I unpacked my desktop unit from the college era (!!!!!!!). The desktop used to announce my tsunami and cosmic blast event.

I kept unpacking......when (*gulps*) I suddenly stumbled upon the North Dakota (*winces*) stuff...... . (*Facepalms*). An eerie energy overtook me then........ . And a question formed in my mind....... .

Why on Earth did I drop my music studio lifestyle....., and the chance to note 500$$$ in savings a month, to go to North Dakota?????? I know I was noting terrible glaucoma attacks back then, but still........... . Why?????? Technically, I could have just moved to Asheville or even my current area, and still noted comparable money savings monthly...... . Me??? I can not call my Dakota trip a mistake, because afterward......I learned about herbal medicine after noting a strange suggestion (*winces*) from the fake father in the Wilmington ghetto..... . Medicine that saved my vision, and eased cosmic energy related seizure events. I also got to witness and study at a diseased 'hooker' 'housemate' to the flophouse. A 'nasty' 'and' 'disgusting''hooker', and moronic 'alcoholics' '/' 'crackheads'.... . And that whilst not falling prey to 'soul' 'destroying' 'sex'....., nor cigarettes, coffee (not trying to sound Mormon here, but the heavy users are always neurotic and messed up), alcohol, crack, cocaine, heroin, sherm, etc. I learned that judgment is just a manifestation of the hyperdimensional trait called self preservation, and judge I did.

Yea, still though, why?????? I know I wanted to avoid annoying naggers (lol) (and that reasoning was validated after I was already tired at the annoying beasts within the initial couple hours of my Greyhound trip last week......(a ghetto dude at the seat behind me blasting ghetto mouth ghettoisms to his cell....and disrupting at the quiet))....... . Yea, but again.......I could have noted Highlands NC / here.....for a nagger free environment...... .

Why did I goto Dakota???

Oh, I still have my Rosetta Stone full Japanese set *^_^*. Heart issues and all, I'mma goto Japan to look for a potential dual trialer next year....(if the planet is still intact). Yea, I'll goto the club, and be all chilling and like "yo~~~" (*cackles*) and stuff. I will explore through my Japan trip legacy item stuff tomorrow.
Tags: fun, house of my dreams, memories, nostalgia, questions
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