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Sailor Moon Vision / Visions Where I Witnessed A Red Dragon Part II

For the sake of journalistic integrity, I must report the whole truth, and only the truth...... . Maybe this will not be read....... . Me??? My hands are up in the air.., I do not know why the following even happened..... . I will not complain though, ain't my style to complain.

I was flying..much of the night...as I did dimension diving patrols. I noted lots of fights, fights which I did not start... . I used ki waves and speed to defend myself at hordes of thugs. I noted a Negro dude at my pov (as usual). Eventually I witnessed an enemy stronghold......of an infamous Jehovah related hag. I noted the hag demon making threats at my mountain house sanctuary......(*gulps*). I tried to retreat from the stronghold to go check on my house over here......IRL. That was when an ***intense*** wind.....came over the area, halting me in my midair tracks..... . The horizon went dark with storm clouds, and a tornado (!!!!!!!) was making it's way directly at my location.....(!!!!!!!!). I hovered to a wall......, and put my back to it to brace myself.

The tornado got smaller (!??!) as it approached me, and then suddenly veered to my left as if (??????) to avoid harming me..... . I sensed a presence....(*gulp*). A telepathic voice suddenly asked me what I wanted (!!!!!). I said I wanted blasts directed at that stronghold. That was when (*gasps as a kiss is suddenly felt*) I witnessed an enormous (*gulp*) red dragon coiled on the roof above me....., and it started emitting fusion blasts of a fiery nature.......onto the stronghold. I was cheering (*blushes*)......., that amidst being shocked that ***I*** was not attacked O_O...... . The stronghold was disintegrated.

I woke up over here soon after, and was about to get up to get my tablet (*feels fluttering sensations in my tummy*).....when I felt a hand to my upper body.....and a (!!!) fiery (*blushes red*) and passionate kiss.....halting me in my tracks (!!????!!!?!!!).... . I had a minivision where I suddenly saw at visuals of the red hair possessing....dragonoid humanoid hybrid with the fiery eyes (*sighs*) (yes, the BG author). I do not know how this could be possible, nor why my senses would do this to me, but I sensed burning, passionate, ***hungry***, and fiery love (*gulps hungrily...and then caught myself in the act, thus feeling guilt about my response of hunger*)..... . Another kiss happened (*inhales and sighs*), and then another............. .

(*Feels my face burning totally red*).

After sleep (*coughs*) unexpectedly came over me......some time later, um....., (*gulps*), I had another vision.

A LiveJournal vision. A journal of the red dragon humanoid / red dragonoid human......stating their location as O_O (!!???!!!?!!) North Carolina.


I do not know how to process this..... .

In love with me, and passionately so??? How??????? (*Sighs as remembers the taste of that raw, fiery, and electrified....passionate love energy*). How????? (*Feels a caress to my hair*). Why????? Well, checking today, seems the BG author journal was deleted. So maybe I just noted a false vision.

(*Blushes and grins*). Next time, I want to see how that being looks in a black bodydress *^_~*....... . And some black lipstick. And maybe some black footwear. Yea, that's what I'm talking about......... .
Tags: empathic kiss, mystery, questions, visions
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