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Studio Condition Update / Life Plans

I have been unpacking today, and while the NES handheld escaped corroded battery issues, me old cd player, my camera, and a cable box remote did not. Oops.... . I only recently learned about battery corrosion facts.

I gotta boot my desktop, my laptop, my Wii, and my WiiU soon to check on their functionality.

My guitars and maybe my electric mandolin.....all seem to need truss rod tweaks because the string action is super low. I need to restring over IX instruments, but thankfully I have strings on hand *°_°*.

I gotta pace it though, cause my heart and all.........(*ponders*).

Hmmmm. I been thinking today amidst unpacking.

I even read at weird sites.



My memory ***really*** *is* blurry after my heart events, but what it all came down to was history and choices. That is it...(*jumps as feels a touch to my knee*). That, and my mission. Winning is my only option. Victory is my only option. My reason for living is protecting the lives of hyperdimensional children both near and far, children whom I can sense even now. I am both a guardian and a vessel......(*goes entirely red*). I am a free roaming universal scale lifeform, a sentient universe with a timeline and space fabric. I only ran because the BG author's stated history, and the nasty 'soulbonds'.

"It could have been so perfect.....if I found a person with a history (and the capacity for free will, aka refusal at evil ones) which would guarantee the safety of those whom I protect". That was what I said. There was just no way that I could see......to reconcile regarding the author being fatally drawn to the likes of Claude, demon fox dude, etc. Why, I even blasted at Inuyasha reflexively during a dimension dive event back in 2007. My instruments/studio, my abilities, being in this house, being happy and fulfilled, are all a direct consequence of me avoiding men and sex. I keep going up and up and up because of my life choices. I could even note big money right now if I wanted to, thanks to mining. All of the problems / depression / crappy situations of a certain one.......are consequencea of being around the wrong (aka accursed aka dangerous) ones (Reno, demon fox dude, etc)...., parasites with no worth or benefit. I had to insulate myself. It was just logic for me to run, and protect my chance for happiness. And unless the 'loser' 'soulbonds' and 'demon fox' are dropped, that is the way it is gonna stay..... . I do not want to be drug down to the abyss too...with 'Reno', 'demon' 'fox' 'dude', 'etc'. A certain someone had issues understanding cause and effect. To have a good life, you must ***only*** be around good people, and avoid at 'the' 'bad' 'dudes'. You can not expect to have a good life with parasites....that would destroy at your energy, morals, soul, character, health, and virginity.

I am glad I note all those pages / journals deleted, because I do not even want to have to see how low Fenris-Star will go......if Fen stays with those men. Turning fat? Getting sick? Getting pregnant? I do not even wanna see that stuff..... . Not with this delicate heart of mine. Shell yea I ran.
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