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Ain't Even Know Me / Wings Of Love Ability Explained

Wow oh wow :D!!!!!!!

My abilities from 2004 are coming back online and then some *^_^*!!!!!!!

Each night...., I reach a new level. That, and I am just getting warmed up!!!! Yea, ones hating at me and this journal......'never' even knew me. I done said it already, about sealing my abilities away with my gear that was in Raleigh (!!!!!!!).

I was dimension diving tonight, noting Ash Ketchum grafted at me perception of myself ^_~. Guess what I did though? Using space and time manipulation, I noted Ash go from XY chromosome type to a XX chromosome type. One with blonde hair, and red track suit. One named Maxi (!?!), and one being announced as such by a Pokemon announcer. I got to witness a Mandela Effect straggler for myself, when I checked at Gary Oak tweaking and acting strange.....as he stared at me from the bleachers. Gary claimed to know me from somewhere....via a little commentary bit he said aloud........ .

It was then that I heard a falling sound in my house...back on this side, so I rushed back..... . A presence had been here again.....(*facepalms*). I will speed up my unpacking, and ready my instruments for a warding ceremony. By the time I play the sacred hymns of the hyperdimensional plane, that should enable both the establishment of a hyperdimensional nexus gateway, and a barrier the likes of which I have not even seen....in my days in this realm.

Me? I am ***really*** excited because I just ***know*** I am going to meet up with my ***real*** wolf whom I have been actively looking for for my entire life. She is a genius, and a monkey *^_^*. My monkey *^_^*.


Yea, the hyperdimensional being who is Momo and Dawn and Sailor Mars and Ryou Fujibayashi.

I found another lead, even though it meant witnessing a ***really*** stupid (*cackles*) anime :P!

I do not know if my wolf is dual-trialing right now, but I can literally *taste* the romance...waiting ahead in my future (*blushes totally red*) ^_^!!!!! I love romance *^_^*. (*Gulps hungrily*). Maybe I need to explain my Wings Of Love ability real quick???

My ability, Wings Of Love, lets me enter and effect the minds, hearts, and souls of those who have them. It also lets me block at demonic / evil forces in an area. I can enter the soul of a person, sharing with them my happiness, my love, my energy, my abilities, and that whilst magnifying their own abilities. Those touched by it's effect claim to feel a very palpable sense of peace and hope..inside, and they often experience awakenings... . Their pains are eased too.... . Mentally, physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, they function on another level. I in turn get nourished by seeing them do well and being healthy and happy. So it is a win win situation.

I want to hurry up and find my girlfriend, my girlfriends, so I can use my full scale Wings Of Love ability with them *^_^*!!!! Even if I have to make rewrite this entire world to beyond anime specifications to do so. I need to move on past witnessing automatically crabby, mean, and unfulfilled and unfulfillable subanime XX chromosome types. Even witnessing anime XX chromosome types replacing the subanime ones...would be a big big big step in the right direction.

I am going to use this Ruby and Corundum surrounded house as a nexus point to unite me with my angel wolf and my fairy angel.

(Btw I'm soaking my region with day after day of rain, so the wildfires thing should ebb. Gotta protect my studio ;) ).
Tags: adventures, dawn, empathy, momo, nina, reality manipulation, relationship matters, romance, sailor mars, telepathy, the mandele effect, the yggdrasil effect, wings of love
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