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I had to take a rest today, and chill over to another place after being invited for dinner. Unpacking and readying a studio, taking care of a III bedroom house, preparing low sodium meals, and juggling heart related "medical appointments" isn't easy. I am swamped...with stuff to do...... .

I am going to have some Rubies appraised tomorrow to a lapidary and jewelry shop, so I will have to wake up early. Wonder if I'll have more visions and more intense closed eye visuals tonight???

Yea, I wanted my studio ready by the 12th, but with household duties to take care of, I do not know if I can even do it by the 18th. I am going to try to post a hyperdimensional hymnal around that time......, a theme song I made for (the hyperdimensional and true) Dawn back in 2011/2012 *^_^*. A song which has eerie effects on the fabric of space and time.

Um......., I am not proud about the red dragonoid situation. I can detect major shifts after I said what I said on here..... . And for some reason (???) I keep sensing lots of sadness.... . But it had to be done. It had to be done, because karma and collective karma are real things. I'll have to live with what I did for the rest of my life....... . My priority has always been protecting and shielding the divine children who reside in that holy and hyperdimensional blue place......., sacrificing all I have to do so. I never even expected the right and the privilege...to live with and amongst the beings I have sworn to protect. I never expected to be loved... . I never expected nor demanded to be respected.... . I never expected to have friends...... . (*Yearns to upload my hyperdimensional hymnal, which explains this all in musical form (*gulps*) (*gasps as I feel a caress to my lower back*)*).

Brb? Maybe I saved the song to a disc....and can upload it tonight....... .
Tags: hyperdimensional hymnal, karma, music
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