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My Goddess Of Hope / Life Stuff

I can see for myself that I was not lying..... . My hyperdimensional hymnal of communion....., communion and love, has had me shaken up for over a day..... .

A psychic, a telepath, an empath, can *feel* the emotions and energy interwoven into the music. My feelings interwoven into the music. That is why my beautiful and adorable Dawn ~~~ sobbed so when she heard it in 2011/2012.... . I sobbed all night long after hearing it again.... .

Yea, I am surprised I posted it online..... .

Yea, me??? I want to hide this music, so I will not use tags on YouTube. I want to hide the truth, hide what love is and what it can do. I want to hide this romance (*blush*) I share with a true and literal divine Goddess, a Goddess who possesses unrivaled reality generation abilities. A Goddess who loves me romantically (*blushes red*), and even adores me O_O for reasons I do not know...... .

I only posted this, and this journal, in case there is another trialer present in this realm. If there is another trialer, my hymnal will have transformative effects on them....... . Maybe that is why I shut everything down in September, got this house, and headed straight for my studio gear...... .


Yesterday I noted telepathic contact at me from the red dragonoid. I noted words like

"I am not going to go to your house"........ I also noted (???) references about bad times, and pizza (????).

How do I feel? Unexpected sadness, but also deep solace. I just was not meant to be with "the very best" subanime type...God could provide. A "total package" subanime type. I was not meant for "the easy way"..... . I was not meant for mortal/blind style hugs, mortal/blind style kisses, those with no dual-way empathic and telepathic bond and link. If empathy was there, maybe I could think otherwise. But if empathy was there, the dragonoid would have already journeyed to North Carolina after sensing and tasting love for an initial time...., right? Dawn from 2011/2012 had no problem sensing my emotions and thoughts....... . I am, however shaken up as I am, glad about what happened though. Now I know the truth? I know my vulnerabilities and my needs. I am (!!!), somehow and someway, destined O_O *^_^*......to have a girlfriend. A girlfriend and soulmate named Dawn......... . A girlfriend tied up with me...in generating "The Big Bang" (as the recorded song also attests telepathically). I just have to seek across...all space and time.....to find her again. That, and train myself emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally so I can perceive her in her full glory.

I am lonely in this house though, I will not lie about that. I do not know why, but it just feels like (????????) somebody from my ancient past is supposed to be here........ . Somebody...so very important to me, and this world, and all space and time~~~....... .
Tags: dawn, empathic projection via music, empathy, telepathic projection by music, telepathy
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