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Healing Music / Homemaker Jag???

Hmmmmm..... . Listening to my archive of hyperdimensional hymnals has calmed me down.....(*goes blue with shame and guilt*).

I dunno what is going on with me (*blushes totally red*).... . It is like some kind of nesting (???!!!???) intinct is taking place for me. As if I have to prepare this place...by getting cleaning supplies, bed frames, desks, clothing dressers, curtains, furniture, and the like O_O... . I thought I was here to make more hymnals??? I'm just going to follow my instincts.....(*sighs*).... .

Next month, I am getting Kingdom Hearts discs, and maybe Zelda Skyward Sword lol.... . I need to use my Wii and WiiU to do some research. I am going to have a room lined with Selenite, Sapphires, Quartz, and Rubies.....for use with all my consoles. I'm getting a multimedia system with a subwoofer next month too. The December I talked about in earlier posts this year, may have to be pushed back to next year. The Raleigh trip took over 600$$$.......... .

Some point next year, I wanna see about getting a pedal steel guitar :D.....and a keyboard. I also want to get a microphone / voice effects processor again (druggie "payrent" stole at the last pair in 2009, as well as over 5k in studio equipment, but I'll rebuild). With no 142$ a month storage bill, looks like I'll note "some play money" each month.

Hmmmmm....... .

I might go try to have a discussion with the red dragonoid.....during my dimension diving missions soon... . Why? I dunno. I wasn't trying to be rude on this journal, and the event earlier...this week was quite intriguing. (*Sigh*). That event was really quite exhilarating... . (Am I longing to meet the dragonoid again??? *Blinks*).

Lol. Next time I am asked what I want, maybe I'll ride on the red dragonoid's back (*cackles*) *^_^*. (*Ponders*). Really though, I need to find who or what that red dragonoid is. Why did I not note dragonoid strike.....as I was buffeted by that intense wind and cornered thus the other day???? Why did the dragonoid even seem to guard me????

Hmmm.... . I am going to watch what I say from now on about that red dragonoid.... . I do not want to harm that dragonoid, and my words can be like swords...... .
Tags: dimension diving, homemaking, mystical encounters
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