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Serious Stuff

Trigger Warning: This is not fake. It is real psychic stuff, and even my stomach is turned right now.

I am feeling queasy right now.... . I know I witness h*ll, but still...... .

Is some force trying to paint me as an insensitive monster (for my actions regarding this house)???

I was dimension diving, and hovering around a huge shrine-like sky tower complex, when I noted a notification.

I was soon to another location, and noted a catatonic (???) acting animeesque kid wearing a whitish blue robe. After witnessing the kid transform into (???).....


....an I-no (???) akin form (but wearing white), I stepped back cautiously. The entity seemed consumed by anger......, and exuded glowing tendrils of some kind of miasma. I had to use some defensive magic to prevent an altercation..... .

I then headed to an area where I witnessed swarms of attackers (*gulp*). Using a barrier, levitation, and ki techniques, I was not harmed...... . Eventually though....something eerie happened. An unknown XX chromosome type tearfully approached at me, and suddenly talked about....some man.... . A sex predator (*cringes and groans*) (*wipes a tear going down my face*)...... . A sex predator that predated on them..in the past. I then noted unspeakable (*notes sounds from my upset stomach*) stuff told at me...... . Stuff that relates at matters over here IRL.............. .

Right now, I need to go calm down, because protecting children, protecting innocents, is my duty, my life mission.......... . I never have, and I never will tolerate that unspeakable stuff.......... . Children are sacred, and not meant for such. Another thing about this issue, is a matter I will not discuss on public channels....... .
Tags: judgment, justice, psychic vision, visions
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