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Assembling The Sanctuary's Studio

Save for a cable box remote, and maybe a portable cd player, everything seems to be working fine with the studio. No broken items so far, and I am going to scrub the terminals on the aforementioned items.

I did have to wipe down the Playstation lens to get it to work properly again, but the 1997/1998 memory card is working just fine.

I might be a technopath....., or in any case I have psychometry abilities.... . As soon as I plugged up my ancient tv, images of the last shows seen on it.....zapped through my head (2012 MLP:FIM for the record lol....)..... . I also felt a huge energy surge. Looks like the more gear I run and activate, the more of my abilities of yore that get unsealed..... .

I have been doing some thinking..... . I do not want to be a coward.... . I do not know how much time I have left anyway....... . (*Recalls a heart event earlier today*)..... . I am going to save up for bus fare, or even airfare....if necessary..... . I will also see to having return fare prepped, because I do not want anybody to feel trapped.. . Yea. I....I will, whatever the case, try to prepare this house for an arrival or a brief visit....like the September "me" intended..... . (*Feels my heart burning with worry*). I am scared, I'll admit it......... . I am deeply scared. But that red dragon showed up......the other day, and I did not sense malice....... .

Maybe the red dragonoid isn't even reading this journal or watching my videos anymore. If so, I guess that ship has sailed.......(yea, I do not want to bother them, nor appear like I am flaunting the blessings I have unexpectedly been granted)...aka this message will not get through (unless divine intervention takes place)...... . *Blinks as feels my heart ache with yearning (what the what???) (*gazes down to my chest*)*.

Tags: house of art, house of prophecy, reality manipulation, sanctuary, the yggdrasil effect
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