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Sighting Event / Big Announcement

I had a sighting event yesterday morning..... . As I was within a wooden dual story cabin house to some scenic location......(amidst dimension diving), I spotted a storm and an immense funnel cloud.....like the time I reported about on here before. Thing is, the tornado funnal had a much much much higher intensity level. I braced myself, but alas......just like last time, the funnel *moved* *around* my location.... . I did not spot the dragonoid this time though. Maybe it was because I was indoors.

Just a heads up..... . My next II posts will have big announcements.... . I have come to a decision which I have suspended for over a decade......... . The decision was made in a very calm state....amidst going through my illustrations and writings from over a decade ago... . Illustrations so dated, that I had yet to piece together my fragmented memory...regarding the appearance (okay, the bottoms (*blush*)) (and hips) of hyperdimensional females.

Yea, I gotta big announcement to make....while there is still time.
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