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If You Think About It........ / I Refuse To Hate / Refusing Hate Bait

I have been doing some thinking..... . Since I obviously note the enemy knows at my deepest wishes, hopes, and desires....., I need to learn about myself as a means to defend myself.

I asked myself this question.

What, in regard to myself, must I protect the most?

For me the answer is straightforward.... . I must protect my ability to love others and ***act*** on said love as such. I must protect my ability to care about others , and ***act*** on said care as such. I must protect my ability of free will, my ability to say no at evil ones and bad options. Since I was not born, I can not be created nor recreated. That said, I must protect my very nature, my very existence.

Because of that, houses, material items, shelter, and all that stuff..... will always fall by the wayside. I will not forfeit my soul, my spiritual health, for cash...... . I will not surrender my freedom for false security. I would rather drop / Code Blue in the depths of The Pisgah National Forest than sell out... .

Yea, so that said......., I have been doing some thinking........ .

A) If a force was trying to ruin at me, what would I likely note said force do???

B) Too, if Code Blue.....was the means for victory, how would I note an enemy that knows at my deepest wishes (the wishes to guard and protect those in need, innocent hyperdimensional lifeforms) deter at my victory option that was there all along???

The answers?

A) Hate bait.

B) Create a "too good to be true" fake persona / character.....that "needs to be rescued"...... .

Know what? I have never felt hatred in my whole life..... . Ever. I have never hated any man, any demon, any hag. I have made it a conscious effort since 2003 though. Why? Hate is the antithesis at love. Hate destroys both the one that hates, and all else linked to the hater..... . Hate is entropy, infectious entropy, and fact is, it has been confirmed that hate does not have a reason. Haters are born hating. Hate is a disease......... . The deadliest disease. It is the deadliest STD..... . Whether tis the apathetic incarnation, or the angry incarnation, hate is an antithesis at life, and love. This whole year....I have witnessed the worst hate bait traps I have ever witnessed... . Maybe the only reason I even noted the house, was because I witnessed some horrible hate bait scheme that was to culminate in the house being lost due to an SSI cut.

Now, the next thing.... . I will be forward here..... . What're the chances of a "model level" subanime type contacting me online??? One that discussed topics no other subanime type would dare mention??? Yea, a "dream XX chromosome type"..... . One that would test at my dedication, my devotion, my determination to adhere to my mission (to protect hyperdimensional and eternal children).

Yea, I think I see what is going on here. And ***if*** it, my hypothesis, is proven, I may have acted in ***just*** the way...needed to survive.... . Yea, I refuse to hate.... . I even refuse at pointless fighting..... .

As for noting the red dragon, guess I'll just hide from now on....during anymore events where I sight at it. Maybe the dragon is God......???? His last and final incarnation. It's terrifyingly powerful, and I do not have anything to prove to it. Yea. That, and after what happened earlier this year......hurting me so much......that I do not even know if I can verbalize the pain...I went through, me scared...... .

Yea, that dragon and the XX chromosome type connected to it, likely God final incarnations...... . (*Feels my fingernails glowing in fear*). And fighting isn't the answer.....for me, although deactivating The Infiniversal Routing Gem is.

Yea, I need to seek the perfect and celestial blue hyperdimensional place from 2006 again...... . Maybe there is a deeper meaning connected to the term Code Blue......., that gives a vital clue to a trialer.
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