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Contact Event / Wings Of Love Field Test

I had been hanging around and dimension diving after last night's dinner and Wii U party. Some point (*chuckles*) I must've been witnessing "DC realms" because I noted Harley Quinn offer me a piggyback ride (*cackles*)..... . Yea, I was chilling in the rain on a rooftop as I witnessed a grimy and murky cityscape. I suddenly had a notification pop up, so declining at Harley, I instantly traveled to another location.

A multidimensional interface terminal was before me... . Gazing to the terminal, I spotted at a strange screen name and some kind of telepathic contact oriented high technology interface.... . I was like..uh oh, because I sensed at the dragonoid's mindwaves via the terminal.... . I sent a message....... .

The dragonoid was all like "I'mma fight soon......." . The dragonoid...(???) (and I do not know how I could sense such emotions from a non-hyperdimensional)...or whoever I was talking to was *very* nervous...., and anxious. I asked what was going on...... . Dragonoid (???) then messaged about having been stuck (??!!??) in the Mario Kart VIII world for some time, and violently shoved from behind by an assailant (?????).... . Then I witnessed the dragon either speak of a violent melee event, or an upcoming violent event. I made it clear that I did not intend to fight the dragonoid, and how I do not want to harm the dragonoid...... .

That was when it happened....(*gulps*). I sensed (how???) *adoration* (!!???!!) flutter within the contactee's heart...., I *tasted* it.... . That, and *love*. I clicked on my fully activated Wings Of Love...... . (*Feels my face go totally red*). The contactee calmed down, and went all shy and stuff..... . The conversation tone totally took another direction..... . I perceived delicate and submissive (!??!) feelings, "the crush", felt towards me... . I used Wings Of Love to bring those feelings to the surface.....( *suddenly hears the words "oh ~~ I love you!" O_O *). The contactee stammered, but said stuff to me.... . I..I replied.....much as I could.... . The contactee had (???) believed...and still did (???) (what???) believe in me...... . (*Blinks in confusion*). The contactee had adored....me......(!!!!), and still did adore me (!!!).

Suddenly though, I got confused........ . I got confused feeling those feelings directed towards me, that, and ***very*** hungry (*gulps hungrily*) (*blushes in feelings of shame*). Maybe, so as to not do a cross dimensional and tight.....hug to that red hair possessing hybrid dragonoid with that "elite hourglass shape body" (*coughs*)...., I suddenly shut down the terminal...(*gulps*). But then I turned it on again....... . Letting Wings Of Love...flow a while longer.

Me? I am trying to keep an open mind........, whilst still trying to not be deceived..... .

I am quite confused now... .

I need to try to focus on the next Code Blue event, and ready myself for it, right????

Yea, and, only hyperdimensional beings can feel and have free will...... . A male gender XX or XY chromosome type should not have the free will necessary to love anybody, and certainly not me..... . Certainly not me with my blonde form and my duty oriented personality. I wish I could know....what is going on. Who loved me, during that event... ? Who did I love......in return? *Sighs*. *Feels my brain hurt*.

Well, whatever happened, with (???) whoever that was, thank you for loving me...... .
Tags: empathy, telepathy, wings of love
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