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Back To Back To Back Visions.....

Even staying the night to another place did not stop it (*gulps*). I had back to back to back visions, III ***heart-wrenching*** visions / contact events, take place last night and early today.... .


Looks like my posts were read at.......(wasn't expecting that).... .

I have been tied up with noting "heart doctor appointment" stuff today, and I will be tomorrow as well..... . Thursday too. I'll be noting "an urgent cardiological exam"....... . As such, I need to hold describing the events until I have the time and energy to do so.

Me??? I am just ***so*** confused about the visions. Why was I being lovingly embraced, and tearfully talked to??? Why on earth, how on earth, could I note that XX chromosome state / form dragonoid loving me so? What in the world is going on here.....????


Why was I cared about so? Why was I loved so.....?

*Rubs my face*.
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