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Chilling / I Still Love This House

I am going to kick back, and watch DuckTales tonight *^_^*!!!


I still love living in this house. I am glad, however brief (???) it may come to be, that I had the chance. I am thankful.

Yea. I have a treadmill EKG test in the morning. I'll be witnessing a fake cardiologist ^_~.......that has no idea whatsoever how a hyperdimensional heart (I of III) works..... . I'll just hold my tongue, and do my usual "act".... . Yea, whatever this comes to, I'm not letting a mortal cut on me. No surgeries will be allowed period.

I do not know why a concluding Code Blue event hasn't happened in the house yet. Maybe I have to get my instruments ready...or something....... . Maybe I have to make sure I do not have "unfinished business" for it to happen...... . (*Hears my heart beating fast in my ears*).

Yea....(*blushes and grins*). Feels like I should be resting on hyperdimensional Nina Wyndia's / Rosetta's / Iris' / Tori Meadows' / Pinkie Pie's (same being, many names) collar (*blushes*)...on a big comfy couch in front of a fireplace right now......... . (*Thinks about the fireplace here, and the couch here*). (*Sighs*)......... . (*Groans and writhes in pure agony*)

Oh, been hearing this song in my head all day. Were the lyrics "Mandela'ed"???



"Ultimately, his memories consume him; however, as his memories finally kill him, he is finally able to reunite with his love (And I see your face). The man's "curse" is that he is trapped in a life where he is unable to be with the woman he loves (This is my curse, the longing / This is my curse, time / This is my curse, the yearning"
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