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What A Life *^_^*!!!

Oh wow.... . What power......(*grimaces*)...... . Life is awesome (*shakes my head*). I never cease to be impressed...... .

After my post yesterday, I prepared to witness a '*FIGHT*'!!!

I detected at a scary power, and I also detected at depression (!?!!?!!!?!). Wow.

I sensed at a force, long and like a serpent, wavy style traveling at the atmosphere above this planet.... . I did not want to fight, and I worried as I was noting a "local's house" that was "filled with kids".

I wondered if an event would happen like that of 2004..... . (*Recalls how my defending myself....shook the entire planet*).

Me??? My heart may be going through issues, but I was ready to, if need be, use my ***real*** defensive abilities... .

So I drifted into my vision state...amidst spending the night someplace else for a party filled with soda, candy, and family movies. I cautioned at the apprentice.....that action may take place.... . Action of such a scale......that the planet's future would be decided by it. He asked if I could protect him.... . I said I would do all I could....... .

So.... . What happened next??? I noted, after drifting into my vision state, the dragonoid sending a depressed seeming one word message, the word "discriminate". That was it..... .

I was glad to have avoided a fight.

Morning came.... . Then came a day of festivities..... . But I felt nervous, even chilled.. .
I got back this evening...... . Yea, my last post was read at O_O... .

How do I feel?

Shaken up, but glad I have a loving pair of arms to return to...... .

I mean, this is all ***real***. The dragonoid is so powerful. Even now I quake with fear... . This mystical stuff is intense. I am in shock at how powerful the dragonoid is. Powerful and "dangerously hot" with that XX chromosome type form..... . My mind is blown O_O.... . Still, this all brings tears to my eyes. Yea, sure, I get what I want. But gosh.... . The dragonoid.... . Ugh. Gosh. Just so tragic...... . If the dragonoid was a girl, my friend, oh how I would want to embrace them, and comfort them (*sighs*). (*Feels love glowing in my heart*). Oh, I got the chills right now.......... .

Yea, I do not hate that dragon (*sniffles*).

Wow, what a year this was....... .

*Sits down in shock*.

I actually feel fear to the core of my being right now.... . Interesting..... .

I'm confused though. Why and how did such a powerful force have a crush on me anyway???

If this were a Disney movie, a magus black dude would dash up to a dragon, flying to it's neck....and deeply kissing the dragon as it collapsed and assumed it's hottie XX chromosome type humanoid form.... . The pair would be an adventuring couple for thousands and thousands and thousands of years. Yes, but you see, this just isn't that movie. There is a hyperdimensional realm of innocent children that needs protecting, and that is my duty.... . That does not mean I can not cry tonight though, cry tears of mourning..... .

Oh dragon...(*sobs*).

*Heads, mourning, into my future and my destiny*.


*Hears the walls creak with the emissions I am generating (*feels a caress to my head*)*.
Tags: dragonoid, empathy, feelings, mystical encounters, telepathy, visions
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