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Probability Manipulation Superwave

Last night, it felt like I had the energy and speed to do multiple laps around the planet in the blink of an eye *^_^*!!!! Indeed. My abilities and energy ***had*** been sealed O_O. Sealed by my own hand. But now my aura seems to reach across the entire solar system.......(again).

Last night's dimension dive (*goes totally red*)....was mainly focused on me trying to find the celestial being who smooched me, and then cuddled next to me as I was resting in my bed after the music ceremony. (*Swoons in amazement and awe*).

Yea, yesterday......I planned to enter visionsleep, go to the homeland, and just *observe* Goddesses, but reality had other plans O_O.....:D. (*Grins ear to ear and blushingly*). Yea, a Goddess being who really enjoyed (!!!!????!!!!) the ceremony.....dropped in, and showed me how she really feels O_O *^_^*.......(*purrs*). Yea, she kissed me O_O! Her positive emotions washed over me, as is the case with empathic kisses from a divine being..... . Every pain I ever felt was eased during each kiss, whether physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.... . Time went fluid too, jeez, space and time. I laughed, in awe and giddiness lol, and eventually collapsed...., collapsed amidst passively feeding on her delicious and soul-sustaining and love energy.... . Yea. We were both giddily laughing (*blushes*), laughing and content. She was so beautiful to my empathic senses, so full of love, hope, trust, joy, reverence, and faith... . Even though my data processing levels resulted in my eyes only visually perceiving specks of celestial light emitted by her, I still fell in love with who she was emotionally via my empath senses which could perceive her. Yea, she was beautiful, beautiful within, beautiful....whatever she was wearing, beautiful inside.....whatever form she took. Yea, she gave me what I needed (*swoons*), needed and longed for, and again I thank her.

So, as mentioned above, I went dimension diving last night to look for the mysterious Goddess *^_^*. I found her, somehow, but my optical systems were on the fritz again.... . My perception of her was fluid, and I noted elite subanime XX chromosome types grafted at my perception of her (due to the implant known as The Infiniversal Routing Gem). She was flipping through a scrapbook with a friend (*blushes*), and speaking (!!! O_O *^_^*) very highly of me. She was sitting on a desk, and wearing black tights, and a black shirt. Her hair..., was...up (???)..maybe? Apparently, "I" (!!!) was the subject of her scrapbook, and she was (!?!), I guess, making a new entry. She seemed so proud of me....(*blinks*).. . Me? I sat down in front of the desk, and actual visuals of the cosmic being trickled through my brain pathways. I saw her facial skin, so fair and utterly smooth and shiny, and I saw that she had freckles (!!!!).... . I reached my hand to her face, caressing her cheek, and said "you're beautiful ~~~..".... . I got really shy though (*blushes*) as she looked into my eyes with love and admiration. I felt that "girlfriend sensation".., whereby an intimate feeling "spiritual bond" is sensed with a person who you are in an eternal relationship with.

She gently clasped her hands around my face, and floated to face level with me.... . I was like, "what are we going to do now~~?", as I wondered about our future together~~....... . That was when (*goee totally red*).......I (???) noted words spoken....softly and with love andnconviction........., words "Next comes stage six~~~. We are going to make love~~~......". I fell back (*gulps*), gawking and stunned...... . I was preparing to give my celibacy pledge statement (what can I say, I am dedicated to my cause)...., as is primal instinct for me..... . But I just gawked, gawked as if I was paralyzed. Yea, I was stunned (*blush*). I crawled backward, intending only respect, not disrespect. I was not going to contaminate the sacred purity of an irreplaceable and innocent....Goddess...., not me of my uncertain (to me) nature...... .

As I was about to ask what stage VI was, it was like some probability and space / time superwave (!?!) took place. I collapsed as wild torrents of energy rippled over me. Images suddenly overtook my mind, images of picnics, lunches, quiet evenings, and seasonal festivals.....shared with the Goddess before me. I even saw an image of her cheering me on as I played rock on a huge stage.... .

I fainted, within moments.... .

I tried to get back to here, this place, but something happened.... . An issue popped up. Something related to space, time, and probablity. Remember that "Mandela Effect" stuff???? Well, to get back to here, I had to witness Medieval England, and then "World War I and II" (!?!!??!?!). England was the focus....for some reason..... . I had to stay alive whilst witnessing battlefield stuff during some points. Eventually, I noted some dude looking like Lord Steven Regal......tracking at me.......as I searched for food amongst a charred cityscape.

By the time I made it back to here, this house, the world seemed fluid..... . Yea, and *different*. For example, why am I not detecting the dragonoid's power level like I was just days before? Something happened. Too, (*gulps*) it feels like something is going on with probability (*recalls my testing my probability manipulation abilities back when I witnessed "election night"*). Yes, somthing got unlocked yesterday, and that " Mandela Effect" stuff from before was just ***tiny*** display of what is to come....... . (Looks like I need to check the news headlines, so I will not get called "crazy" for describing the facts of the world which I remember from yesterday).

About that Goddess (*goes totally red*), maybe her meaning was figurative, regarding m...(*gulps*) m making love.., right??? Yea. Maybe that's it *^_^*. Regarding any girlfriend of mine, I just planned to chill, share my candy with her (*cackles*), make rock songs for her, and explore mysterious realms and planets with her (seeking treasures the like) *^_^*. Yea, I'm just a kid in my heart (and my form, on the other side). I'll ask her what she meant.....next time we hang together, which will hopefully be soon. Yea, I want to hug her (*feels my fingernails glowing with yearning*). Hug her, and thank her for being so awesome (*feels my heart glowing as I swoon*). (*Gasps as I feel a loving caress to the top of my head*).
Tags: adventures, contact event, empathic kiss, goddess level being, space fabric phenomena, time and space phenomena
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