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Sunset Shimmer Soul / Why I Love Music / Aura Recording

The true instrument of a musician, is their very soul, their feelings, their life history, and their thoughts.... . Music does not lie.... . It reveals the "true colors" of the musician, especially with ***ANALOG*** instruments and signal pathways involving tubes and magnetic coils. Indeed, a musician revealing their music, is ***literally*** them revealing the results of medical scan to the world. All of a musician's life experiences get revealed by their music. To be a true musician (which I aspire to be).....means living a life ***worth*** making music about.

My music? (*Blushes*). Seems like being in these mountains....., and being and having been in love (*blushes*), has given me a new "tone"........*^_^* . Can you hear it? Can you feel it? This video features sparks and sounds of my soul from an all tube rig :D. Using telepathy and empathy, I sense an (!!!!???!!!) endless road when I hear the above...., that, and a "sunset fire"......that makes my temperature rise....... . Am I fiery???? (*Blushes*). Is....is that vibe related to passion??? (*Blushes*)...... .

And, about 2:14 to 2:48, can you hear that love? That mirth, and excitement about living, living the dream that is another bright and sunny day (*sniffles with joy*) with my girlfriends *^_^* (Dawn and Nina). (*Gasps as I feel a caress to the top of my head*). (*Gasps as I feel a kiss to my lips*).

Oh, and 1:18 to 1:32 conveys soul waves, mind waves, thought waves, related to the emotion of ***hope*** *^_^*.

Yea, I love tubes. (*Swoon exhales, in gladness to be alive*).

Yea, although I have a ways to go to play like I used to in regard to my technique, my soul O_O is making sounds I had always hoped to make back in 2012 (*blinks*). (*Blinks again as a kiss is felt*). Yea, I can ***hear***, and ***feel*** the love in my playing. This realm is showing the effects too..... . Yea, an exorcism wave effect has been noticed already (evil ones seeming lethargic and sluggish, whereas my vitality levels are all fired up and charging).

Gosh, I love rock and roll :D. I love celestial shrine music (*sniffles*) (*sobs with happiness*).

I give thanks to my friends who have made this all possible for me. Yea, I love you all (*sniffles*).

I plan to get a full spectrum camera as to record aura visuals and visiting beings who listen to my prayer concerts *^_~*.


Oh, I am not trying to kill the moment, but I am a psychic....., and I gotta report something (*sighs*) (*feels my fingernails glow in a tired manner*) that happened before I woke. I do not know if I witnessed an attack (of the mental torture type) at my surging psyche and surging aura levels, but I noted a strange dragonoid vision.... . I was diving through space and time, a dark expanse. I was like "oh no!!!", and even growled as I suddenly noted the XX chromosome form dragonoid looking very sickly.....and in a deathly cold "embrace" with some brown hair subanime dude... . The dragonoid locked eyes at me..... . Me? I used my latest music training to calm down...., and not unleash a cosmic energy blast reflexively... . Yea, I soon felt pity resonate within my heart. So, after that, I dove at the dragonoid's "internal realm", and why, I do not know..... . I noted a subanime / anime akin dark forestscape that was cold and foreign, and while I saw at iridescent flowers and stuff, twas just so cold and depressed seeming..... . I witnessed mutant vegetation based Pokemonesque entities, like some treant things....moving about and hanging out at my side. Art galleries were shown at me (?????). I will hold speaking about what I witnessed (*blinks*). (*Gulps*). Yea, dragonoid "wants to be friends". (*Recalls how I did not note the enormous treant "guardian" attack me*). Well, no more scary couple stuff please, that stuff not my business........ .
Tags: aura recording, electric guitar, empathic projection via music, house of art, house of love, house of prayer, music, musical improvisation, sanctuary, telepathic projection by music, tubes, unscripted
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