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Accessing Big Bang Energy...(!!!).....

*Shakes and sobs in shock and awe*.


I just felt a ring of cosmic, hyperdimensional cosmic stars in my chest.... . It happened as I meditated to my above hymnal. They were brilliantly white, and in a rounded formation...... . The scale of the energy makes me go woozy, reel, and tremble.

That, as I too, *hunger* to play my strings (*gulps*)..... .

*Thinks of my beautiful monkey, and prays for her holy soul*..... .

*Feels a tear trickling my cheek*.

Yea, not to brag, there is just ***something*** about this music....... . This music I play. Yea, I am going to unseal The Jaggolin soon. (StarTears the electric guitar was actually rarely played in the past). Some ***vault*** of cosmic energy is readying to be opened from within me.

Me??? I do not know if I can handle.......this energy within me. The energy of my true being, my true essence........ . I almost fainted just sensing it O_O....... . Yea, it was that "Big Bang" (!!!!!!?!?!!?!!!!?!!!!!) level stuff... . What am I?!?!?!? (*Blinks*).
Tags: jaggolin, special abilities, spellsongs, surge event
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