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Lessons Of Love

After such a quick and decisive victory ***round*** the other night, I am just sitting here thinking...O_O.. .

***Perceiving*** that I am loved, whether by a smile, a loving gaze, loving words, or even telepathy and empathy, is still a relatively new thing for me......in my III decades here. To sense love toward you, takes data processing levels necessary to perceive immeasurable amounts of energy.... . When it comes to empathy.., and the delicate feelings of others, I am still learning, and I admittedly have a lot to learn.

This here is a "time capsule" type message that I want to write to myself in the future...... .

2016 was a very intense year....., a year with as many ups as downs. It was a wild year.., an adventurous year, but also (*gulps*) a very solemn year.

A very solemn lesson was learned by me this year, and I need to write it so I do not forget it.

My main ability, is my ability to ***love***. It connects me to the people I care about, and links us together in such a manner whereby we have an impenetrable defense at any force, and the capacity to exorcise at any evil. My ability to love, even, unexpectedly, grants abilities (!!!!) O_O to the people whom I love...... . Cosmic scale abilities O_O.

I inadvertently learned a lesson this year..... . And that lesson is to never use your feelings of love for another, your acceptance of them, as a weapon.........(*feels my fingernails glowing in shock*). What I mean by this, is this. A person loved by me...gets boosted mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional performance and health...... . They feel ecstasy (*goes red*)...and deep fulfillment within their soul...in a way for which there can be no substitute. They get nourished..... . Now, I just learned this, but their ***survival*** can depend on all of that..... :/ ., depend on your continued love. When you love somebody, you take on the responsibility of giving them the love and support they ***crucially*** need. Though times and circumstances may shift, that need does not change.

When you love somebody Jag, you must never take that love away, or even suggest it...., and that so you are not exactly like the h3llfire imposing homicidal deity cited by Christianity. Your love must never be used as a weapon. When you love a person, and they love you, they depend on you. Do not betray that dependence, for betraying at the needs of that person would be homicidal..... . And you are meant to heal, protect, support, and nurture............not murder (*blinks as a kiss is unexpectedly felt*). That is your inner essence, your true identity.
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