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Yggdrasil Tree Form Access / Unexpected Physiognomy Lesson / I'm A Plant O_O!

I jumped up this morning, realizing that a "hunch" I woke up with, was likely the key to addressing the XII year rut......I have been in. Yea, I'll admit it. A rut.

Realizing that I have ***most*** of the hyperdimensional artifacts which I had in 2004.....present within this mountain house, I shot up from my bed with urgency, and grabbed the artifact which directly activated...and supported my awakening of 2003 / 2004... . The artifact which Dawn, utilizing the alias of Phoenixcat all the while, coached me through (only now do I realize that though).

Ancient memories, and ancient energies (!!!) (*gulps*) coursed through me as I utilized the artifact, the very artifact which I used in 2004. (*Gulps*). It was like I was accessing another dimension, and something in another dimension was accessing my brain(s) O_O.... . (Maybe, now, realizes why I was so scared and traumatized....at the Biollante movie, no even able to bring myself to watch it.....this year).

Using the artifact, I witnessed a false Goddess, a false Yggdrasil / Mana tree Goddess, and I spoke certain words (*groans, as a..an intense and burning cosmic energy sensation is felt around my navel area....(*blinks*)*)...just as I was instructed to do...... .

My mind moved then, and I mean in a way not felt since 2003 / 2004........ . (*Feels my fingernails glowing with shock*). (*Feels a touch to the top of my head*). Information dawned upon me, information summoned forth from within (!!!!!!!!!).

Across my body in certain points of and on my skin, are (!?!) condensed matter sprout points (!!!), specifically, Yggdrasil plant matter sprout points O_O........ . Uh...., so, I'm a plant....(*blinks*) (*hears the words "yep, you're right!"....*). Specifically a (???) universe tree.......... . So, I can use those condensed matter sprout points to encapsulate my actual humanoid body, and encase it within my "tree form"......??? Hunh.... . I'm a plant! (*Chuckles and blinks*)....O_O. A plant which can generate countless types of other plants....... . (*Thinks a while*).

Maybe my plant / chlorophyll involving aspects enable my humanoid body to be sustained by my own self-generated light.....(*ponders*). (*Thinks about the possibilities of making mby own clothes, for my humanoid body, via my own~~ living plant matter.

Well, this is good news for me, because I'll soon have access to all the light and magic energy of infinite trees, countless trees, spanning worlds across infinite solar systems and galaxies. That, since I am the "original tree" of my universe. That means more abilites are coming my way....(*inhales and exhales*).. .

Initial thing I did, with resources from my Yggdrasil form awakening, was toggle the environmental settings of ***this*** world. Yea. I found why the 2004 cosmic blast and tsunami event had such a long pause after it, and why the intensity level was so low......(*dips my head in shame*). Yea, and I apologize to Phoenixcat, Nina, and our friends. (*Recalls how Pheonixcat accepted my true form even when I struggled so much to even comprehend....the possibility......of me not...being...a male (*gasps as a kiss is felt*)*).

(*Thinks about the shape of an ideal feminine bottom (*blushes red*) in an objective way........*).

Well, that I am also a plant, explains to me why I think and act the way I do.........as per the covenant of physiognomy being real. I love to support life, nourish life (*blushes*) (*feels a glowing in my heart*). (*Realizes that I could use my plant form to make a space-faring vessel for myself, a vessel loaded with fruit, veggies, and wheat*). So, my plant status and my behavior are linked.....hunh..(*ponders*). Also means,, I will not have to fake it to smell like flowers (*blush*) and blossoms...regarding my true form (the blonde with blue eyes)??? Hmmmm~~~~....... . Yea, I want my true humanoid form to smell like fruit snacks *^_^*!!! Yea, I do not want to have to usev deceptive and dishonest tricks to smell like flowers. (My hair will need those Yggdrasil sprout points then too....., so my hair can smell like the fruit snacks to ^_~). (Maybe the sprout points are microscopic, and or able to be condensed and expanded....depending on certain conditions).

Well, now I understand my name (*blushes*).

(*Suddenly realizes something related to a crystalline material network within my body (*coughs and blushes*)*)....... .

I gotta go draw and write and stuff.... .

I thank you Phoenixcat, for guiding me like you did. I also thank our family members for supporting Phoenixcat, and supporting me. I thank you all.... . (*Feels a blushful glow for my toenails and fingernails*). I love you all~~~..... . Thank you.
Tags: awakening, surge event, yggdrasil tree form
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